Unable to apply hair assets after transferring files

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I just can't find an answer to this. Using Daz 4.22 I purchased Suri Hair G9. It works fine on one machine but I can't get it to run on another machine. I've transferred the entire SWAM folder from Local Disk (C:) > Users > Public Documents > My DAZ 3D Library > People > Genisis 9 > Hair > SWAM > Suri Hair Genisis9. The folder consists of an Iray folder and Presets: both containing .duf, tip.duf, tip png, .jpg etc. The other three files: Suri Hair G9.duf, Suri Hair G9.duf.png, and Suri Preset Style short front.tip.png. No other files. 
I then transfer the SWAM file to the other machine. The assets appear where they should be but when I try to apply them I get missing file error messages as shown in the provided images below. I must be missing something here but I have no idea what. Please help. Thanks

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    You just copied user-facing files of this product but left the required geometry / morph files in data folder as well as texture maps in runtime\textures folder...

    You can copy the IM package of this product from Package Archive folder to another PC and install or dump the content folder to your Daz Library accordingly. If you've deleted the package, you can also get the full File List of the product in here - http://docs.daz3d.com/doku.php/public/read_me/index/93660/file_list

    Then copy them to another PC.


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