Acceptable Ways of Handling Nudity

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In the absence of content filters we've been seeing use of black bars, dots and other additions to images used to conceal nudity. Unfortunately we can't consider these workarounds to be an acceptable solution. If your image shows the genitals, pubic area, anus or major part of the buttocks of your figure or the nipples and major part of the breasts of a female figure, and if it's essentially skin-coloured (or has pubic hair over genitals) - we aren't worried about figures made into scaled, feathered or furred monsters as long as they don't have visible genital organs or nipples - then there must be opaque clothing of some kind over the area, or it must be screened by solid scenery and props in the scene: bars, emoticons, chickens and cats that are extraneous to the image aren't enough (and frequently look silly, even where the image is otherwise serious). Take old-style Hollywood, in a film aiming for a general certificate, as a guide to what's OK Thank you.

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