The new Centaur 'n stuff thread - reloaded



  • Hemi426Hemi426 Posts: 68
    Hemi426 said:
    This pic turned out quite nicely, I think. I downloaded the Hivewire Horse again, found the iray shaders and converted the bump map to a normal map. About the foal: Actually I purchased the Kids4 years ago. But I do not have the foal morph, So I cannot tell if it will work with the current morph. But as the shape, especially of the neck area, is quite different, it might be easier to start from scratch.

    Great image!

    Good to see you back! I have been using your old versions forever since i hate the hight transition between horse and figure on the official DAZ centaur.

    Looking forward to anything new you come up with for the newer figure!

    Thank you, I am glad you like it!

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