Need tutorials or help in creating a puppet style character

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Hi there,

I am interested to create a puppet style character or dummy such as a ventrologist's dummy from scratch.  I have searched for tutorials and have noticed how to make a bear at Youtube.  I have not watched the 8 videos in the series yet, but want to know if there are any other ways or tutorials to get started.  I wanted to try it in Sketchup but for that I need to buy the artisan organic toolset/plugin which is not possible at the moment.  I believe one can do organic modeling in Hexagon too (?) but don't know how.  

Any help and suggestions are much appreciated!


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  • I know Danny (CG Dreams) did make a video tutorial on making a rabbit with Hexagon, it is on YouTube somewhere, but not sure where. I'll have a look and post a link if I find it.  Not exactly a dummy but the idea is the same :)

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    No "Sketchup" ... nooooo .....

    Organic modeling is relatively easy in Hexagon. Most things start out as a box. Those extraction tools are wonderful.

    1012 x 513 - 69K
    1153 x 601 - 150K
    1063 x 651 - 141K
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    Thank you for your help and screen shots.  I am currently also watching a few Hexagon videos which are helpful especially if they talk you through the process and not playing music only as some videos does.

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    ... and if they talk loud enough one can hear them. [there are a few that are too quiet]

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