dForce need to be replaced with XPBD based simulation system.



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    Dartanbeck said:

    crosswind said:

    Dartanbeck said:

    I am using V.2

    I have V.1 but have never tried it

    I bougth it, VWD V2.2, on the Christmas Day of 2019 ~  You still can run it well in Daz 4.2x ? crying  crying

    Did you maybe move locations of things around, perhaps? I don't get it.

    I have my main VWD install folder in the root of a drive. I even make custom settings for soft-body. It just works. 

    I'm gonna have them installed back and try again~ Hope to see a magic~~

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    In a lot of ways I like dForce better. But I use VWD every day - as I do dForce. I'd be really bummed if it stopped working for me!

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    Something about dForce that we can't do with VWD that I really think is cool is the fact that we can edit the simulated result afterward using morphs.

    Some content, like my usual example of Linday's hair, come with specific morphs meant to be used after simulation. Others that aren't even made for simulation have such a variety of morphs that can be very useful after sim. And, of course, Fit Control products can really provide tweakability!


    I remember when I first saw the ad for NewTec's Chrono-Sculpt, which offers the ability to go through simulations after simulation, and tweak by hand many types of changes. Would be cool to see Daz 3d acquire that and make it work for Studio. 

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    It's like this.  Given two systems, one that is physically accurate, but is slow, and unstable, and another system that isn't as accurate, but is fast and stable,  I would chose the fast one.  Why?  Because if both systems arrive at the same solution, then I don't care how they get there.

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    It's also like this: For years people have been telling me to use 'this' or 'that'. But try to find an example of decent hair from any of those... nuh uh. It's really hard to find examples of cool looking hair. So we'll get the same straight strands, but with color!!! Multi-colors... Get Out!!! And then one that has some pretty looking curls, but it doesn't drape or follow the mesh of the figure in an animation. 

    I tried Blender, but perhaps not as long as I should have. I was following a tutorial on how to use their hair system. I mean... I spent some freaking real time, scratching my head, working along... started to kinda look like I was getting somewhere until I looked at the time. Hmmm three weeks later it doesn't simulate right and looks like utter Shyte. I mean... didn't look good in the render at all - not even close. I completed the tutorial part, but that hair just jiggled around with movement - not drape and follow like I need it to do - with real weight.

    I do like what Blender's doing - and I love the program - I do. 

    The fact that Daz Studio has Linday making this dForce hair that just freaking works, and looks good, and simulates... That alone is a Huge Plus! 

    The fact that I buy a little character named Sol, and shape my character using those materials, tweaked a bit to better fit the character I'm making... and in no time at all I've got SSS, reflections, transparency,  translucency, normal, displacement, outer layer effects and the ability to Geometry Shell... I mean... it just freaking Works!!!

    I'm not bad-mouthing Blender or C4D or....

    I'm just glad that I have Daz Studio Pro, is all. I really am!

    The fact that I just created a new version of my character (starting over) and already have over 80 animated render clips, each averaging around 4-6 seconds with dynamic hair and clothes means to me that I've got the fast tools - faster than the ones that don't help me get stuff done as quickly as DS. 

    From other apps, I see impressive demos on speed doing a bunch of simulation stuff, but never good hair sims. And when it gets into the hands of the average joe user like me, nada, zip... just questions, complaints or videos of failed sim tests. 

    Alvin Bemar has some products that add more physics to DS, like the amazing Fluidos, Particle Simulation and a physics simulator. I've tried Fluidos in Carrara and it really, really works! I also have his animated shader system for DS, which also Rocks. I never really had much of a need yet for solid body physics or I'd have picked up his simulator by now. I will likely eventually get it when I need it. 

    3d Universe has Spring Dynamics for Daz Studio. It doesn't detect collisions, but has a plethora of handy uses. I haven't tried it yet because I didn't need to. But I bought it anyway to have it in my arsenal of tools.

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    Sorry. I've been awake waaay tooo long. Time for shut-eye.

    But to be clear, the above post was meant as 'an addition', not as a rebuttal.

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