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  • weirdsciencex said:


    Thank you, I've attached the log, I looked through it myself but to be honest, I wasn't quite sure what to look for.


    RiverSoftArt said:

    weirdsciencex said:

    First off great product, I've used it regularly since launch, but I've encountered an issue with a custom character, using latest Daz and latest version of Turbo Loader/Booster.

    I've tested with multiple characters and they all load quickly but when I attempt to load a custom one it takes forever and appears to load a lot of unneeded morphs.

    Using the character from a scene subset: Finished asset load (merge): 0m 40.580s - /Josy Alt Ver 2.duf

    But when I attempt to load it from a simple scene, it seems to load everything I have installed:

    Even though the log shows the time as much shorter than is displayed.

    Any idea what's happening?

    I would need to see the Daz Log to tell you more.  If you have the latest version, then I would say that you saved this custom character with a lot of morphs in the scene subset.


    First off, according to the log messages, it took ~10 seconds for TL to enable all the morphs (from 14:43:33 to 14:43:43) and then DS took another 32 seconds to load the figure (14:44:15).  You need to post a log of when it took a long time. 

    What is your "Enable Detected Morph Behavior" option?  

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    First of all, thanks for making Turbo Loader! Fantastic product and I very muc loving it.

    Now I do have qeustione. 
    Background: I recently had to reinstall my computre. Now I did save a lot of stuff regarding to Daz stuido and ints confgiguratione. But it looks like the config files for Turbo Loader went missing.

    The problem: When after the reinstalled I ran Turbo Loader it could only find (detect) the morphs that where enable. Moprhs that where disbalbled with the tlOff ending dont appre to show up in the moprh list.

    Is there a setting for Turbo Loader to be able to detect the moprhs with the file ending tlOff? Or If you could tell me where Turbo Loader store the file with reccord with moprhs it has disabled so I can restore it from a backup?

    With best regrads.

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    vholf said:

    Hello @RiverSoftArt, I think I found another issue with Turbo Loader Inspector (and possibly the other scripts). 

    If the SmartContent and ContentLibrary Panes are in the same PaneGroup, then the script works, but if the Panes are in different PaneGroups, even if SmartContent pane group is collapsed, the script will pick up that pane, so I can never use it on the ContentLibrary Pane unless the SmartContent it is either closed completely or in the same pane group.

    If both panes are open, could there be a prompt to let the user select which pane they intend to work with?  SmartContent or ContentLibrary?

    I faced the same issue in my personal scripts, there is no way to tell which is active, so I had to fall back to asking.

    Not sure if this will help, but but you can try to add a custom action by right clicking on the Turbo Loader Inspector and selecting Create Custom Action.

    From there, just hit accept, and it will create a menu item under scripts to enable you to pull up the inspector while being in smart content or the content library. 


    -EDIT:  After testing, it looks like it does always select Smart Content. 


    create custom action.png
    237 x 354 - 34K
    Create custom action 2.png
    277 x 355 - 75K
    create custom action 3.png
    203 x 73 - 4K
    Screenshot 2022-10-30 124140.png
    1616 x 715 - 660K
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