Cant get both a starry sky and lite on the scene at the same time in Terra Luna 3

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[Cant get both a starry sky and lite on the scene at the same time in Terra Luna 3] Clicked many icons-nothing, then tried by increasing intensity in render settings all that did was make more stars appear, (very cool ) So the scene is basically pitch black aside from the spot lite in there right now.

There is no detailed nfo on this when I checked.

The only way to see if there are instructions for a porduct is to right click on it's icon in library and go to more info correct?

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    So I am not able  toget that moonlit scnery as seen in the promos.


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    Load the TL3 !TL3 Night Rig. Load one of the 4 TL Night Sky HDR Skies (the others have a lot of light, relatively). Select the TL3Control in the scene. From the 3 - Poses folder, use the Control Left/Raise/Right to position TL3Luna and TL3LunarLight (together) in the sky where you want it (above the horizon). Nothing else needed other than the scenery. Render.

    Moonlight Materials apply to TL3LunarLight. Luna Materials apply to TL3Luna. To change the phase of the moon, select TL3Luna and apply the appropriate Luna Rotate pose.

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     This white ball (control) is what gives the moonlit effect?

    Everything is still pitch black. If the control is the lite where is the lite that comes from it?

    I also don't know how to put that moon in view being that is so far away also.

    please see image




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    The white ball is the Control, as its name implies. Leave it where it is, it won't render. The light comes from the disk with the moon in the middle somewhere in the sky. There should be nothing in front of it, otherwise the light would be blocked.

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    I guess Im not getting lite from the moon, 

    Is that the pose folder in the image you wrote of?

    I love the starry sky but I am getting no moonlite, am stuck, do not what to do.

    Other part, in the image please see that I cannot get the stars to touch the horizon, no matter how I position the camera there is solid black with no stars at the horiizon and high up from it.

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    Check under the Environment tab in Render Settings and make sure that "Environment Mode" is set to "Dome and Scene".

    Some products will change the "Environment Mode" when you load them, and this can cause scene lights (or the skydome) to mysteriously stop working.

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    thank you, I think I got it now, there are stars in the sky and the scene is lit.

    Any idea about getting the stars to come down to the horizon?


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    Looks ike the moon is behind the camera, or is that the camera headlamp? (I suggest setting it to Never if you want to use HDR lighting). Swing the camera around 360 degrees to locate Luna and LunarLight. Do it in texture mode so that you can see the LunarLight disc, it is big enough. You can then move it into position using the Control to move it where you want.

    The default settings are good enough to start. Load something simple, flat plane and a cube will do. Load the TL3 !TL3 Night Rig prop. If you go to Front View it is staring you in the face. Select Control. Go to the Terra Luna 3 - Poses folder. Apply Control Raise 10 to raise it above the horizon. Render in Iray.

    First is the non-Iray preview, the second is an Iray render. You should have the same sort of thing.

    Terra Luna_Raise 20 OpenGL.jpg
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    Terra Luna_Raise 20 Iray.jpg
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    I'm  to do this same experiment as you but my moonlite only is making a small area be lit, in your example there is moonlite liting the whole ground area correctly

    would like to get moonlite to lite the whole or more of the ocean the way your plane is lit. It seems there is little or no lite coming from my moon, I have tried clicking everything but no change, 

    in order to change moonlite's strength what has to be sleceted?

    When I use the controls the moon goes somewhere that seems hard or even impossible to find, so I raised it in parameters but since you didnt tell me to move the moon like that Im guessing thats may not be a good idea,

    or in the second image clicking raise moon didnt raise it , so that part is confusing also.

    Othere thing still the stars are not going down to the horizon line-is there a way to make the stars go down to the horizon line or there is not a method know for that ? thanks

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    I see now to raise the moon the TL3 control has to be selected but the moon still does not seem to be giving off any lite, that is the one part that is missing.

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    The rig (moonlite) seems to be working in first image but when the plane is hidden and the water plane is brought in ow the lite is again only shing under the moon and the rest of the ocean remains pitch black.

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    Other thing, how do I get the stars to be bright as in real life, now they are visible but muted, thanks

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    The reflection off the water is based on the surface properties. (Make sure it is using an Iray shader). A very smooth surface will be like what you have, mostly specular reflections. You also appear to have your headlamp on, which could be washing out the more subtle effects from the water, so turn it off (Render Settings-General). Tone mapping will help with the overall brightness, At night, your eyes let in much more light, so dim lights seem bright.

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    Camera head lamp is off and water surface is iray uber, the ground (water in this case), is still too dark and not being lit up aside from under the moon, in your example the whole plane is covered in that moon blue tone, and behind the cube the moon's tones are in shadow but in mine I guess the moon is casting no shadows as yours is, the lite of the ooon can only be seen in the reflections in the water under it


    image link

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    Well, I was using a plane with some diffuse roughness, and other settings I can't remember, to make it rough and catch the light. Water is a different story. Your last actually looks pretty good. You can make the moonlight brighter, or adjust the tone mapping. Don't forget, most of the light comes from the disc surrounding the moon, not the moon itself.

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    Ok that must be it then , the surface needs some bump ill try again , thanks

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    I cant get the moonj to from one horizon to the other side, seems after it goes up x50 it stays in the middle but i want it on the other side becasue the scene is is the moons cast shadow 

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    There are two emissive surfaces, TL3Luna and TL3LunarLight. Most of the light comes from TL3LunarLight, but it is invisible in the render. This is a trick to get enough light into the scene without blowing out the moon itself. A smaller amount of light is coming from TL3Luna itself so that it can have some glow. Each one has several presets from which to choose, with various colors and intensities. Or, you can adjust the properties (Emission color and Luminance) for each in the Surfaces tab.

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    Ok that;s great, Thanks, I wrote another note asking how to put moon on opposite  side of horizon, thanks

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    How can I find the moon , is it just me or next to impossible to find if its not right at its original position

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    The presets only go to +/-50 degrees, but you can select TL3Control and adjust Parameters -> Y Rotate to whatever you want.

    To find any object in a scene, select it in the scene tab and Aim (RMB on the Targeting Reticule in the Viewport).

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