Free collection of 328 Iray-ready Daz Texture Presets made from Nobiax’s Freebie Textures! v0.99



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    For 2D, Filter Forge is a great option and it's been around for quite a while. Good tool IF you use Photoshop (I'm in the Gimp camp), but it's very pricey. For 3D applications, I'd go with Substance. Their full package (Designer, Painter, Bitmap2Material) is down to $300 now, or you can rent-to-own for $19.90/month for 16 months ($318 if you do it that way). That can do pretty much anything you'd want FF to do in a 2D environment, and also adds a TON of extra functionality that FF can't touch in the 3D space.

    Similar to the Photoshop vs Gimp argument, I'm sure you could probably do a lot of what Substance can do in FF (besides being able to paint your models in realtime) but I think Substance has FF beat in a lot of areas.

    Now at this point, Daz and iRay don't natively support Substances, but just like any texturing wizardry you can bake out your procedural Substances to a UV mapped texture once you're happy with it. Or if you use iClone, Unreal Engine, or some other software that supports Substance you can continue to be able to tweak your textures in realtime.

    I'm actually messing with this texture pack in Substance Designer now. ;) It's way more time consuming than plugging all the maps into an iRay or Carrara shader, so it will be a while. Once I'm done, I'll ask Nobiax again about releasing them as a Substance pack. He may not go for that, since Substances would be a potential market for his work, but I'll at least try. :)

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    Well, I bought FF on sale for $60, which beats that! Heh.
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    kaz42 said:

    Beautiful stuff. Do you remember which material that was in the last image, with the displacement problem? I fixed a bunch of those while I was working on them, but with a ton of materials to plug in and my brain kind of working on autopilot after a while, combined with the fact I was previewing them all on the flat planes used in the thumbnails, I obviously missed some. ;) If you could post any that you find problems with, or that just need tweaks like that to look right, please post the info here so others know, and so I can fix them in a future release. ...


    Only because you asked for it (I am grateful for freebies and the work you did!):
    053 - Small Cobblestone: Displacement loads at Maximum 20 ... leading to cobblestones up to the hip *grin*

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    You're too generous¡ Thanks a lot¡

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    o my gosh! so much work! thank you muchly!!!!

  • JeremyD said:

    (And this one)

    Then today I tried putting the textures onto a person, and behold:  instant super hero suits:





    Really creative!! Do you remember which texture is on the 3rd figure at the right in the above pic? She'd make a great villain type character.

    Sorry, I didn't know that I had responses. I'm pretty sure the answer to your question (and Kaz42's question) is 031 access panels.  I didn't keep the model file for it, and I can't get the nobiax shaders to load at all under 4.9 due to pathing.

  • thnk u so much for theses  will help wen i eventually learn iray

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    Thanks so much for this amazing pack I can do so much with this!!!! I will be back with a render done with 1 or some of these great presets.

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    Thank you so much!!

  • A lot of very good stuff ! smiley

    Thanks for sharing yes

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    Great pack, thanks for sharing.

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    I was able to fix the pathing problem if anyone else winds up with the same problem.

    I left the .duf and .png files in the directory they unzipped to:  library\presets\shader presets\iray nobiax shaders

    But had to move the support files to: library\shader presets\iray nobiax shaders\supporting textures

    The difference of having "presets" in the path did the trick.  Yes, the texture on both is 031 Access Panels.  Here's another for them, this time G3F, with displacement capped at 0.5 and with the default displacement cap of 10.

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  • where do you put  these shaders in your  folders?

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    Thanks! I am still learning about shaders, presets, etc. After reading the confusion on what things are called earlier in this thread. I don't feel so bad. lol

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    Sorry for the late response, apparently this thread is old enough that I'm not getting email notifications for it. I just happened to be looking through my Daz forum posts trying to remember how to do something I posted a solution to (lol) and saw there were new posts here. 

    I just went back to review the original .ZIP, since I thought I would have to revise this to work with 4.9 after thistledownname's post. It looks like the default install directory is My Library/Shader Presets/Iray Nobiax Shaders. That explains why the supporting textures folder had to be moved there to work in that situation, because that's where the texture presets were told to look for the textures. The question then is, did Daz move the files from My Library/Shader Presets/Iray Nobiax Shaders over to My Library/PRESETS/Shader Presets/Iray Nobiax Shaders somehow in its metadata/migration/etc upgrades? Or did you (thistledownname) install it in the wrong directory to start with? I'm thinking Daz messed with it, since you used them just fine (and even posted renders) under 4.8.

    If anyone else is having the same problems with it after the 4.9 update, please let me know and I'll rebuild the ZIP with the correct directories. I can't replicate this myself - thanks to a hard drive failure I reinstalled to 4.9 before I added this texture pack back in. 

    On a side note though, it should work fine if you install the texture pack now, post-4.9. If this was Daz moving the presets and the textures, the only thing that "broke" was an incorrect path where the presets were looking for their supporting textures. If you install it after whatever happened, they should all be in the correct spot.

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     Ahhh man, looks like it's too big for my intenet to handle. Keeps dropping and failing (says it's a four hour download, given my slow arse internet lol) but it doesn't make it that long before it fails to download. Does anyone have a pack of maybe the best 50 or so from this pack? 

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    Thank you very much!

  • For those still scratching their heads: you're not going to find these under the Smart Content tabs, you have to go to the Content Library tab.

    Wherever you've put your Content and have told DS to look for content, you should see a "Shader Presets" folder. Copy the "Iray Nobiax Shaders" folder and its contents into that, including the Supporting Textures.

    In DS, go to your Content Library tab (again, not the Smart Content tab, because there's no Metadata to put it there) and look under Daz Studio Formats>Daz>Shader Presets.

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    After about 3 1/2 months of trying on and off I was FINALLY able to get this downloaded! YAY!

    These are awesome!! 

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    I'm trying download now.

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    Kaz, are you still posting here?  I just sent you a PM.

  • The link doesn't work anymore


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    same for me.



    " {"error":{"code":"generalException","message":"General Exception While Processing"}} " that's all i get.

    it seems to be a problem with OneDrive.

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    Link works for me now ...

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    Do the contents of the Supporting Textures get put INTO the Iray Nobiax file, or is it a file under it? In Content Library, the Iray Nobiax file>Supporting Textures has nothing in Supporting Textures in the studio (but it is there in the files)  when the file is put in the hierarchy and the contents not IN the Nobiax file. I have these in the Shader Presets section.

  • Thank you!!!!

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    A big thanks to you effort, I downloaded them, you're probably expended days even weeks to do it!

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    thanks a huge bunch, kaz42 and Nobiax! smiley

    this is an enormous ton of work you both put into those textures and presets! i always loved Nobiax textures, and just having all those here together in a megapack is worth the download.

    first, i only install what i need, i.e. the preset and the corresponding textures, project by project - no exploding my runtime.

    then, i can't use iray, my laptop is too slow (i needed 3min to render a SPHERE, 450x600px, with the vulcanic shader, just so you have an idea), and the result is variable in 3dl. not mentioning the complexity of the surface panel with an iray shader. but i just keep the iray sphere so all maps are loaded, make another sphere with the base shader, and pick the maps for the diffuse, ambient, spec, displacement etc, (EDIT: totally unnecessary since i just discovered the awesome IrayTo3Delight conversion script by Esemwy and Will) and the result is perfectly ok.

    so, in a way you created a good part of a 3dl collection of presets too ^^ - kudos again!

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    Hmmm, I installed them, but I get "an error occured while reading the file. See the log for more details." Any idea of where I may find this log?


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