Show Us Your Bryce Renders! Part 9



  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,326
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    Thanks Hansmar.

    Two abstracts using spheres and tori, viewed thru the GWL. For the 1st one I used Horo’s Alienroom Hdri, for the 2nd, it is one of my earlier renders which I exported as an Hdri.



    600 x 600 - 125K
    600 x 600 - 294K
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  • c-ramc-ram Posts: 372

    Thanks everyone for your constructives comments on my last work!

    @Horo : finally you've decide to populate your scene and the result is excellent, I like both very much!

    @Mermaid : wonderful picture, I can feel the warm of the sun.

    And.. Slepalex : far from us in every direction, the style, the way each landscape is constructed, the lightning of all those awesome renders! I'm amazed about your skill with Bryce.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,098
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    mermaid010: What a beautifully coloured and lighted set of abstracts!

    Inspired by those abstracts, I made one myself. Four sets of cones and spheres (Boolean making a hollow cone with an opening in the end) positioned right behind each other, quite some octahedrons. All fully reflective, but the octahedrons with a red diffuse colour. A sunset sky (modified) and voila!

    I named the file 'flying objects', but I think that 'Focus' is a better title.

    flying objects.jpg
    875 x 875 - 442K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,875

    Mermaid - beautiful abstracts.

    c-ram - thank you.

    Hansmar - nice abstract, it's airy. I like it.

  • Electro-ElvisElectro-Elvis Posts: 694
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    Light comes mainly form a cube fill light. Thanks for watching.

    Architect's home


    1200 x 960 - 867K
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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,418
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    The Cadillac outside the Diner render is now completed and the client has seen and approved it... Yay... Here we go.

    1111 x 650 - 674K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,875

    electro-elvis - beautifully lit room.

    Dave - this final one looks really good. Your client has a good taste. laugh

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,098
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    Electro-Elvis: They have it all, but are they happy? Good render and nice statue in the corner.

    Dave Savage: Looks great!

    And another (semi-)abstract. Title: Sad story

    Sad story.jpg
    875 x 875 - 451K
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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,418
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    Thanks Horo and Hansmar.... Sad Story... I think I may know what happened. smiley


    I did a sort of geometric abstract type of thingy.

    1111 x 650 - 430K
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  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,418
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    And as I didn't sleep much last night, I also did a non abstract render too... You can't go wrong with a Stonemason set and a Hot Rod.

    1111 x 555 - 630K
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  • mindsongmindsong Posts: 1,520
    Slepalex said:

    Forest Brook

    Slepalex - simply 'wow'. You have mastered this wonder-beast called Bryce in the best possible way!



  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,875

    Hansmar - I like it, cool teardrop.

    Dave - I like the tile floor with the cube, simple bit nicely done.
    Stonemason's backstreet is a cool prop, great car on it.

  • I've just left a Christmas present for my fellow Bryce-heads on ShareCG:

    After it became possible, in terms of hardware, I threw myself into learning Blender. I don't think I'm a tenth of the way into its possibilities, and finding your way around the interface is like climbing without equipment, but the box modelling is grand. Eventually I want to bring what I'm doing back into Bryce where I can do lighting intuitively, but for now here's a couple of screen grabs (grainy preview renders) of the dream house I'm creating. The plants are from xtree, the guy is from Poser, and the chairs and chandeliers are Turbosquid, but the rest is made by me. That's an elevator shaft by the staircase.


    776 x 759 - 98K
    1180 x 811 - 214K
  • mindsongmindsong Posts: 1,520

    thanks for the easel!

    I want to move into your new place. Nice modelling.

    @Dave Savage - nice rework of the imported models. Looks like a photo!


  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,418
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    Thanks Horo and Mindsong.

    Nice modelling Bonito.


    Now it's got dark in those Back streets.

    1111 x 650 - 684K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,875
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    Bonito Lil - nice inside architecture.

    Dave - great, I couldn't resist to attach a very similar scene I made 7 years ago.


    1200 x 900 - 213K
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  • Thanks Horo and Hansmar

    @Horo: Great looking night scene

    @Dave: Great looking night scene, too. The day scene as well. And I like your abstract and the diner scene is first class.

    @Hansmar: Unfortunately I have no idea how the sad story will end, but nicely done.

    @mermaid010: Beautiful abstracts. The yellow one is may favourite.

  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,418
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    Nice one Horo... I hadn't even thought of opening any of the doors.

    Thanks Electro-Elvis

    Last one for now... The Deal.

    900 x 1300 - 972K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,875

    Electro-Elvis - thank you.

    Dave - thanks. This scene looks excellent. I really like how you set the sun and the shadow cast. It looks very realistic.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,326

    C-ram – thanks

    Hansmar – thanks both the abstracts are great, love them especially the pastel colors. Did you model the face of Sad Story in Hexagon?

    Horo – thanks great scene from 7 years ago.

    Electro Elvis- thanks, the room has nice lighting.

    Dave- all your renders are outstanding,

    Bonito – thanks for the lovely gift, awesome modelling and rendering.

    Did I miss the link to this year’s Christmas Freebies? sad

  • vivienvivien Posts: 184

    Horo - Thanks, I don't really understand what you did to the dragon, looks interesting though..... Beautiful winter wonderland, really love the materials...I don't have much experience with fog and mountains... But I really like the result, it must have been difficult to keep the fog in the foreground

    Dave - Thank you, but I wish I had your modelling skills.  Brilliant diner scene. the owner of the diner must be so pleased with the end result. The square tiles is very eye catching

    Artini - Nice reflection on the water.

    Hansmar - Thanks. Really like your whatsit, It reminds me of those novelty games made from magnets. and I'm glad you added the standing bear on the second one, but agree with horo, it looks like a rat.

    Slepalex - Fantastic renders. The village in particular. Great concept and execution the materials and lighting are just superb. I also like your collection of landscapes, especially the mystical looking forest with its meandering waters

    Elecrtro - Elvis - Your new little friend is very cute. Also, nice lighting in the lounge room scene... Not sure what to make of this date though, I think she is ready to walk out

    S Ray - cool animation

    David Brinnen - Modo looks so intricate... I'm sure you will master it and pay lots of bills

    Chohole - Understand you completely... Hope you are doing well

    C-ram - Simply stunning render. Such a tranquil looking place, looking at it I can feel being transported to it. The burst of sunlight gives it such a realistic warmth. Love it...   

    Mermaid - Lovely sunset render. Nice addition of the dog. Nice abstracts as well, I like the colours.

    Bonito. -  Very nice modelling. Thank you

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,326

    Vivien - thanks

  • Dave SavageDave Savage Posts: 2,418
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    Thanks Horo, Mermaid and Vivien.

    I'm not getting commission from Stonemason, but I am having fun with some of his stuff.

    Though this one "Urban Sprawl 2 Big City" is quite massive and takes a lot of material fixing once in Bryce, the opportunities for using it once fully sorted are going to be immense.

    1111 x 650 - 588K
    1111 x 650 - 770K
    844 x 1300 - 899K
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  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,098

    Dave and Horo: Thanks, And wonderful sets of street renders from both of you!

    Bonito Lil: Thanks for the easel. Very nice indoor architectures. Must be lovely to have such a living!

    Electro Elvis: Thank you. I don't even know the rest of the story, let alone the ending. But sad it is.

    Mermaid010: Thank you. No the object that looks like a mask is 'Boolean lesson 6' from one of the Bryce sets. Looks very different from a different angle, I guess.

    Vivien: My thanks. I think you and Horo have a point with the rat-like bear. And indeed, the 'whatsit' does resemble a lot of magnets clinging together.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 3,326

    Dave - Beautiful "Urban Sprawl" renders

    Hansmar - thanks for the reference to Boolen lesson 6, will check it out smiley

  • HoroHoro Posts: 7,875

    Mermaid - thank you.

    Vivien - thank you.

    Hansmar - thank you.

    Dave - you did a great job with that Stonemason model.

  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 900

    White Sea

    Bryce 7 Pro. Render Premium 36 rpp, time 13:53:39.
    Lighting: sun (diffuse = 500, the shadows of the clouds enabled), Distant Light (diffuse = 100), Sphere Dome Light.

    1680 x 1050 - 910K
  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 900

    Fog almost dissipated

    Bryce 7 Pro. Regular AA Render.
    Lighting: sun, Sphere Dome Light.
    File size 39.7 MB.
    In scene used imported trees, shrubs and grass, and the grass from the library and Bryce trees.


    Туман почти рассеялся.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 1M
  • SlepalexSlepalex Posts: 900

    Stones in the desert

    Bryce 7 Pro. Render Premium TA 36 rpp. Time 6:46:10.
    Lighting: sun, Sphere Dome Light.


    Камни в пустыне.jpg
    1350 x 1080 - 981K
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