49th Bryce Render Challenge (Ancient Times)



  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,814

    Dan: Better!


  • Dan WhitesideDan Whiteside Posts: 499
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    Happy holidays to the Bryce Forum!

    Just a simple and quick entry “Ancient Tome”.

    Book model and candle stick holder from DAZ 3D. Wood image from Share CG. Illuminated by a single ranged dome light. Rendered at 32 RPP, TA enable. Thanks for taking a look!

    1400 x 840 - 229K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,333

    Dan - what a fantastic entry. The pictures in the book are your renders, I reckon.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 7,224

    Dan Whiteside - the book is a very clever idea and very nicely done.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Dan : original idea, excellent image.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,219

    Wow Dan a magnificent entry, outstanding work.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,814
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    Dan, What a lovely entry and great idea. Such an ancient view indeed. 

    I created my third entry with quite some trouble. First I noticed, after substantial render time, some floating elements that I had to repair. Then I had my computer render overnight, but it crashed and I had to restart. But, here it is. Mostly intended for fun. I used several primeval trees from Judy Kerr and a decidious tree for bushes. In total 4 trees, instanced multiple times. One Bryce stone, again instanced quite some times. And a lot of dinosaurs, as you can see. Title: "Ancient time? Around three o'clock". There is an IBL light, but I should probably have used soft shadows too. Nevertheless, the lack of realism does not bother me too much and I do not want to re-render it now, so this is the version I will enter.

    1754 x 875 - 2M
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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,219

    Cute and unusual idea, Hansmar cool image, Bryce realism. wink

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,333

    Hansmar - that came out very nice, was worth the time to render (though the bad luck about crashing wasn't necessary). Tip: use plop rendering to check that no object is floating. Saves you a lot of time.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Hansmar : Very well done third entry, original idea.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,814

    Mermaid, adbc, thanks.

    Horo, thanks too. I did use plop render extensively, to get the dino's grounded and most of the trees. But I missed some stones apparently. And, indeed, crashing was certainly not necessary for me!

  • Dan: WOW. What a great entry...I love it.

    Hansmar: Yes, I think you`ve spend much time for your 3rd entry... and I hope you`ll forgive me, when I say: I like the other 2 much better.


    Thank you so much for the comments on my last entry.

    Horo - no that's not my images, Great idea though! It's from one of Merlin’s books set that I've used quite often but never up close.


    Hansmar - wow, that's quite a menagerie of Cretaceous critters! Very much like the concept and a very nice render.


  • @ Dan:
    A simple, but very clever solution. I like it.

    @ Hansmar:
    This is really a fun and unusual idea. 

  • ApocApoc Posts: 407

    Hello everyone. Happy new years, and Merry late chirstmas. I hope you all had a good holidays. I assume everyone has had enough to finish there entries? Anyone mind if I close it now?

  • Happy new year to you too Apoc.

    For me its enough Time... because I got sick and had no Idea.

    So I´m looking forward for a new challenge.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,219

    Happy new year to you too Apoc.

    I don't have another. I think all the normal participants' entries are in already.

    Like Yellow Pen, looking forward to the next one.

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    No objections from my side - i completely missed "all the fun" due to certain things i have in life right now, and will only be "back" around february or march.

    Happy new year everyone. 

  • ApocApoc Posts: 407

    Righty Then. I shall consider this challenged 



    I will get the votes and next challenge up by tuesday, still got some leftover work from the holidays

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