49th Bryce Render Challenge (Ancient Times)



  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Thank you mermaid, drachenlords, Hansmar and MelanieL.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Horo : outstanding render, great lighting and sky.

  • huberthubert Posts: 410

    Horo: Another great scene. That sky and the lighting really fit to that castle.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Thank you adbc and hubert.

  • Horo - this is a wonderful entry. And I love this Castle.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Thank you Yellow Pen.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332
    edited November 2021

    My third entry.
    Title: Ruin in Wood
    Used: Ruin from Daz (2005), Bryce trees, materials from Vegetation and Gritstone Hills.

    Ruin in Wood

    1200 x 780 - 323K
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  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,216

    Horo -awesome third entry, well done

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115
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    Horo : beautiful ruin in a natural environment, I like the vegetation.

    My last entry : Mayan temple.


    mayan temple_10.jpg
    980 x 490 - 85K
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    mermaid - thank you.

    adbc - thank you. Last entry, last day: very nice Mayan temple in this landscape. The stone heads are a nice detail.

  • Horo: another beautiful entry - very well done.

    adbc: I love these Mayan Pyramids. Well done too.

  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 7,224

    Horo - lovely entry, I really like those trees.

    adbc - another nice entry. (I like the heads too!)

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Thank you Yellow Pen and MelanieL.

  • @ Horo:
    Fantastic vegetation and a very atmospheric light. Really well done.

    @ adbc:
    Really cool pyramid. You almost expect to see Indiana Jones on the stairs. 

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Thank you drachenlords.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,809

    Horo, Very nice idea, great vegetation. 

    adbc, That Mayan temple looks very good in that scene. Nice details too.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Horo, Yellow Pen, MelanieL, drachenlords, Hansmar : thank you.

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,216

    Adbc - beautiful entry like the other I like the details.

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Thank you Hansmar.

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    mermaid : thank you.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,809

    Just to let you know that I finally have a render brewing (slowly). Hopefully I will be able to show it next weekend.

  • ApocApoc Posts: 407

    Hello everyone. I hope your holidays are going well. 

     I have been very busy these past few weeks, between helping family with all there medicial appointments and finding time for work, and I am unable to find time to properly close the contest for a while.

    Seeing as there isnt alot of entries at the moment, would anyone mind if we extended the contest for another month til after the holiday seasons are over? I am thinking ending on Dec.31st

    This would hopefully allow everyone who still wants to a chance to enter, be able to do so, and hopefully give me time to catchup. 

  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Apoc - and I almost panicked to get the last entry ready before the deadline.laugh I see no problem to extend, there are indeed not many entries and maybe over the holidays a few more will appear. Stay save, thank you for your work.

  • Apoc - for me the end of Dec is nice. So I can think about another entry...

  • mermaid010mermaid010 Posts: 5,216

    Apoc - for me the same as Yellow Pen

  • adbcadbc Posts: 3,115

    Apoc : good idea, no problem to extend.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,809

    Yes, please extend, so I may actually have at least one entry!

  • Find by me!

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 2,809
    edited December 2021

    So here is my first entry, perhaps not even the last for this challenge.

    Two DAZ people turned Neanderthaler, some freeby clothing and freebie camp fire, a cave I used before and Primeval trees in the background towards the volcano.

    1754 x 875 - 2M
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  • HoroHoro Posts: 10,332

    Hansmar - great idea and very well done. Nice details on the wall, too.

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