Suddenly cannot select any G8's body parts!

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When editing a scene, I suddenly stumbled upon a problem - ALL of my G8 figures in the scene lost the ability to be selected with the universal tool! (along with their individual body parts)

Strangest part is, in the parameters pane, all of them have Selectable: ON.

Also, the little selectable icon in the scene pane is enabled for all of them...

In the universal selection tool settings, selection mode is set to "node".

What can it be? I'm losing my mind over this :(


EDIT: sorry, forgot to mention: DAZ 4.15, Win 10 64-bit.

EDIT 2: strange thing. When I re-load the scene, the problem still persists. When I make a new scene, and load a fresh G8, the problem is gone. What the hell?

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