Show Us Your Iray Renders. Part VIII



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    Some fun practicing sculpting and more stylized textures


    very minimal post work - mostly just sharpening (and some fixing of the hair which has some real janky uvs)

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    The Blurst of Times said:

    alexhcowley said:

    Great render, excellent pose, expression and lighting!  May I ask what outfit you used?



    Thanks :)

    The outfit is Althea for G3F:

    I also used SickleYield's universal breast helpers to get more of a shape to the cloth.

    EDIT: Oh, and the necklace is from Morrigan for G3F.



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    Although I've done a lot of Emma renders recently, it's Pride Month and she's one of my story's LGBTQ characters, so she was probably owed at least one more render.

    (It doesn't normally come up all that much, as I didn't want to write her as a walking stereotype and because she's single during the time frame of my main story, but her sexuality has been an established part of her character since the early drafts).

    Gallery Link

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    In The Forge

    This is the Viking Forge and Genesis 8 with a few adjustment morphs and new skin.

    2021-06-09 07:25:28.354 Total Rendering Time: 15 hours 28.62 seconds

    Stopped 70.15% of image converged

    Click on image for full size.

    This is the same scene after I had adjusted everything of the Forge, adding smoke to the fire and deleting the supplied one and deleting the structural ambient light and adding a Point Light.

    2021-06-09 17:32:59.248 Total Rendering Time: 53 minutes 16.41 seconds

    Click on image for full size.


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    Since I did a Ptolemy XIII, I did another Cleopatra VII render. (Largely based on Cleopatra 8.1, but with my own dial spins.)

    Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator is the famous Cleopatra... older sister and wife to Ptolemy XIII, co-rulers, then opponents in a war for the throne of Egypt. When she was about 21 years of age, she conspires to meet privately with Julius Caesar (then, into his 50s), who her brother was also trying to win over to his side. Of course, Cleopatra had certain advantages over her brother-husband, Ptolemy (especially when "persuading" a known womanizer in Gaius Julius Caesar)...

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    Wonderland said:

    jdavison67 said:

    Part of a comic...I'm taking forever to finish......



    Reminds me of an early Stargate episode and the guy with the hat is Daniel! 

    I'm sure there is some influence from that, mixed in with a bit of Raiders...etc...

    I never know what I'm going to render...


  • The Blurst of TimesThe Blurst of Times Posts: 2,410
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    More PBR experiments, this time with one of my dial spins, using Landon 8 textures.

    I used Michael 8.1's settings plus maps for the Detail channel out of Torment 8.1 (just because).

    Landon 8's skin is good as it is, but I am trying to get familiar with the PBR.

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  • MasterstrokeMasterstroke Posts: 1,839
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    Another portrait render.

    ROXY 06-15-2021 lr.jpg
    2400 x 1928 - 926K
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  • Another new PBR experiment using Victoria.

    (Except Victoria 7, not 8 or 8.1 LOL)

    It's not 100% V7, but her shape is in there. And it's Genesis 3, not the V7 skins on Genesis 8.

  • BandoriFanBandoriFan Posts: 364
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    I used the hair and armor set from the platinum for a day sale and used a high schooler growing up morph on Grace Yong, adjusted some skin settings, and added a a skirt from another set and used a silk shader on it. And a pose from the sword sworn set 

    Sword Girl 2.png
    2000 x 2600 - 2M
    Sword Girl 3.png
    2000 x 2600 - 1M
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  • QuasarQuasar Posts: 581

    The Blurst of Times said:

    Another new PBR experiment using Victoria.

    (Except Victoria 7, not 8 or 8.1 LOL)

    It's not 100% V7, but her shape is in there. And it's Genesis 3, not the V7 skins on Genesis 8.

    She reminds me of Katheryn Winnick from Big Sky.

  • Quasar said:

    She reminds me of Katheryn Winnick from Big Sky.

    I didn't try to copy her, but I can see it. Similar shape to the face.
    (Also, Lagertha from the "Vikings" series.)

    She is super pretty. If I did like rendering real people, that would be one person I'd want in my library

  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 6,060


    2021-06-16 07:07:24.065 Total Rendering Time: 3 minutes 28.17 seconds

    Vince for Genesis 8 with Thorn Hair Long and Drago Beard, my skin materials.

    Click on image for full size.

  • Playing with V7 again, with PBR conversion using V8.1's settngs and detail maps. (Custom SSS maps to match the changing philosophy towards SSS maps, which were very different in the earlier Iray days as compared to now.)

    I miss outfits like this one. Everything's a tube these days.

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    Hi guys,

    I thought I'd post this one because I've never post renders unless I'm having issues with eyes etc, and I haven't done a ton just really started late last year. I was iffy about it, but it got #1 New Release, yet it doesn't have any look inside or content because it's a preorder, so it's simply the visual people are going by.


    625 x 1000 - 760K
    1911 x 1447 - 360K
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  • Ha, pretty cool. I have mixed feelings about Amazon being a giant, but they do provide convenient ways to publish to a bigger audience without the need for major mainstream publishers.

    Okays... one more of my experiments with V7, converted to PBR shader using V8.1 settings & Detail maps. (Plus custom SSS maps, and tweaks to the specularity settings.)

    (Also, definitely a few dial spins from Victoria 7, although her shape is in there.)

  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 6,060

    Just a quick animation of Genesis 2 and then taken into Vegas Pro 16, combined with two videos from Particle Illusions and two sound bytes from my collection.

    I got to wondering who she was angry at :)

  • UHFUHF Posts: 512

    This is my first real render with Iray.  I finally got a decent video card... And I've been watching a bit of American Gods, so that was what was on my mind.


    1920 x 1080 - 4M
  • Latest asset for a project at work.  Model was free from 3D Warehouse.  HDRI obtained through a Bing Search for "House Driveway" with min res set to 4K.

  • KrzysztofaKrzysztofa Posts: 226

    I call this "The Sweeper"

    I was going for a "Sci-Fi/Dystopian Future" action movie poster look. I actually killed the render at 73% convergence because I liked the left-over grain on her face. Been learning a lot of tips and tricks from folks on the forum, so thank you everyone.

  • I think 4 generations of stuff in this little test render.

    V4 - New Adventure dress & computer
    Genesis 2 - Aiko6 pose (converted to G3F)
    Genesis 3 - base figure, textures, jacket
    Genesis 8.1 - New PBR shader settings to convert to the new skin shader

  • More messing around with Genesis 3, new PBR shader, and the V4 TNA outfit (mixed with a newer jacket... ha).

  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 6,060


    Click on image for full size.

  • I am once again playing around with Genesis 3 and the new PBR shader... plus the old New Adventure by Uzilite.

  • WonderlandWonderland Posts: 6,756

    Happy July 4th everyone!

  • Olo_OrdinaireOlo_Ordinaire Posts: 685
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    I was just just fooling around and trying to learn about displacement maps, bump maps, etc.  I put together this little piece with a sign made of primitives and the glorious Harpwood Trail environment.

    I created maps of the text in Affinity Photo and used those for displacement, bump and reflectance maps.   Lighting was an HDRI from HDRIHaven plus some fill from a light panel I normally use, attached to the camera.


    1161 x 909 - 181K
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  • The Blurst of TimesThe Blurst of Times Posts: 2,410
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    I am not a fan of "steampunk". I call it "just add gears". Or monocles. Or sword-canes.

    I do like Zeppelins, though. So I got inspired by one of petipet's models in the store... Zeppelin Star. The star being "Зоря", or Zorya, which is painted on the shell of the zeppelin... which is a reference to Slavic mythology, the goddess of the morning star. Hence, "Zeppelin Star".

    So, that means Russian. Except I have Soviet stuff, and the eagle on Zeppelin Star is clearly an imperial eagle... not Soviet. (In Soviet Russia, eagle lands on you.) Imperial Russian kit is not exactly very common in the store, LOL.

    I kitbashed this hat (Law Enforcement outfit) with a new band/belt (red for Russia) and a different leather brim. The star is a de-mirrorized Art Deco mirror.

    The figure? Genesis 3 (based on Lucian 7 HD)... because that's what I'm experimenting with these days. I converted to the new PBR skin shader using Michael 8.1's settings and Detail maps, plus custom SSS maps to update Lucian 7's grayscale trans maps to the newer style of SSS maps.

    And there you have it. Imperial Russian zeppelin captain by way of Jules Verne, no got-dang gears or sword-canes or monocles.

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  • Okay... Zorya, or Zeppelin Star. Stuff like this is why you get PC+, IMO. The wonderful zeppelin, the amazing Marionette outfit and Oriental Opulence textures.

  • More messing around with zeppelins... this time, the Vacuum Zeppelin by 1971s at Renderosity.

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