G8F TankThong SUit

After a lot of hard work, my first freebie is now live!  Includes a conforming "Racer-back" style thong swim/gymnastics suit with "AutoFit."  Will fit just about any G8F character shape, and poses.  There is a slight crotch deformation with the thighs at max side-side 85 degrees, but still maintains modesty.  Also included are 30, YES 30 handmade iRay Spandex/Lycra materials for the complete suit, and another 30 materials for the neck, arm, adn hip trims.  Special thanks to Esha, Fugazi1968, Mada, and Zev0 for their incredible tutorials, videos, and advice.  Also a big Thank You to Macislav for asking for an item like this, and the challenge to actually model and put forth my creation.


Thanks, -David

1000 x 1000 - 628K


  • Well done. It's been great seeing this develop.



  • StarkdogStarkdog Posts: 97

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for your comment!  I finally "ripped the band-aid off," and made this happen.  I have a pile of things I've made or started to make in Hexagon, but sit incomplete.  With this little boost in confidence, and additional skills built in Blender, I'm excited to pick up and complete some more items.

    Thanks, -David

  • Faeryl WomynFaeryl Womyn Posts: 1,742

    Great job for a first item and thank you

  • MacislavMacislav Posts: 57

    Hey Starkdog,

    that's really amazing! Thank you very much for this fantastic and unique clothing asset.

  • certaintree38certaintree38 Posts: 70

    This looks great! Thanks a lot! 

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