Bryce Animation Brain Dump (Was "Key-Flame: A.M.L. (Basic Intro)")



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    Oroboros said:
    Good luck with the paths thing! I've no idea what David and Horo are using for a Tru-3D camera rig but, like most things they do, I'm sure it works. Oh, and thx for the appreciation, happy to help :)

    The anaglyph lens system consists of a few grouped primitives that must be parented to the perspective camera. Here is one of my breathtaking :red: animations using that lens though the object is rotated and the camera stable.
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    That's super, Horo...and a great product.

    A suggestion to viewers: extend out your hand to your monitor and below the rotating object so that is looks like it's actually floating above it....very cool.


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    @Horo: That's a real neat image. I thought, for a moment, I was seeing something abnormal on the object until I realized is was an added object. Nice work.

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    I’m posting this here too, a render using David’s Recipes for Horo’s TE Filter program post #17 the one with the Warped Ridges and Mudcracks in a hope that Oroboros, Dave or Jay will see it and comment with some tips on improving it.

    Animated Cascade

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    Wow, I swear I'd responded to your reponse to my query Oroboros! but in looking for some other info today, I happened upon this and no such response is present! Urg.

    I solved my problem with your advice, and it worked perfectly. It's been a while, but I believe I needed the two-point 'path' to exist as a standalone entity that I could group/parent and move around - and have things parented to as well. Sort of a portable (in 3-space) pole with a sphere that could be constrained to slide up and down its length, and have the camera(s) track it for a consistent and intentional convergence point through an animation. It worked in my tests, but life got in the way of the intended project for a while.

    Anyway, thanks if you are still reading this forum, and again, I'm certain your legacy of information and humor is appreciated by all who happen upon it!



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