X 300 Star Chaser [Commercial]

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X 300 Star Chaser is a realistly sized starship complete with a cockpit, a sleeping quarters, a shower room and engine room.

Inside cockpit the seats move back and forward, the shifters move up and down. All doors open and close.

The starship has a landing ramp that can be rotated open when the starship has landed and both the side wings can be rotated out of the way. Also includes a rotating communications disk on top.

Some renders of the current work.


1300 x 1000 - 222K
1300 x 1000 - 226K
1300 x 1000 - 233K
1300 x 1000 - 650K
1300 x 1000 - 464K
1300 x 1000 - 529K
1300 x 1000 - 576K
1300 x 1000 - 597K
1300 x 1000 - 587K
1300 x 1000 - 448K
1300 x 1000 - 385K
1300 x 1000 - 260K
1300 x 1000 - 370K
1300 x 1000 - 373K
1300 x 1000 - 399K
1300 x 1000 - 234K
1300 x 1000 - 291K
engine room.jpg
1300 x 1000 - 580K
engine room2.jpg
1300 x 1000 - 560K
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  • Any comments or criticues very much welcome. :)

  • AnEye4ArtAnEye4Art Posts: 158
    I am drooling for this!! Beautiful.
  • Im happy you like it. :D

  • TesseractSpaceTesseractSpace Posts: 1,006

    Looks awesome. Love the details and the style.  One question, how many sleeping berths are there?

  • There are 4 sleeping births. each has a TV on the wall that can be changed to different channels depending on image used. :)

  • WolfwoodWolfwood Posts: 370

    This is fantastic!

  • KA1KA1 Posts: 995
    This is EPIC! Just wow..
  • Thank you all :)

  • HylasHylas Posts: 1,862

    The renders look really good!

    But I wonder, does this mean DAZ has to always load every single map for every render? Eg. If I'm doing an exterior render (like the first five of your examples) does DAZ also have to load all the interior maps?

    If so, that seems unnecessarily resource heavy. There should be one-click options to load/unload all interrior and exterior maps. The interior could be further divided into several areas. I doubt there will be renders where the cockpit and shower area are visisble at the same time.

  • I created the starship to be an empty shell, so you can only render just the starship and no interior, as it would be too much processing power to render everything all at once. and If you want to render only the interior you can do that as well. Just load the interior prop and render away without the outer starship being in the way.


  • Here are three more renders of the outside without loading the inside prop.


    1000 x 1300 - 850K
    1000 x 1300 - 1M
    1000 x 1300 - 1016K
  • ErdehelErdehel Posts: 371

    Awesome laugh

  • LintonLinton Posts: 502

    Epic, when is it out!?

  • Will be submitting it soon. :)

  • GordigGordig Posts: 3,323
    Hylas said:

    I doubt there will be renders where the cockpit and shower area are visisble at the same time.

    Unless the cockpit IS the shower area.

  • No there is a shower area in the bathroom section. you have a sink and mirror, a toilet and a shower all designed to be more futuristic ish.

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