No Animate pane/tab, any ideas?



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    You mentioned an alternative dll file, where can I get that, I have the same problem. This sucks I needed to install my old daz studio 3 advanced to animate now or well I could just go to Poser. Hope they fix this soon. :(

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    I have now found a solution to why the Animate 2 pane was empty

    Probably like me you have a lot of content that seems to install all over the place
    giving you a big problem

    Daz have made Smart Content that works great, but if you like me you will have other content
    a lot of these are listed in the Content Library

    When I ran the Content Directory Manager It arranged lots of Poser content into Products and Catergories again
    generally works well

    I put all my content into the same folder "My DAZ 3d Library"

    I noticed that in the "Daz Studio Formats" the vast majority of the content in the "My DAZ 3d Library" didn't show anything in it
    so I took the My DAZ 3d Library out of this list. It looks like there is still some content in this section Animate 2 for instance

    From the "Content Directory Manager" "Daz Studio Formats" I located and added the Aniblocks folder and presto blocks have returned

    I have gone through all of the folders in the Daz Studio formats section and added the ones where content, shows. the rest are possibly Poser files " there are a lot of them " these also show in the Poser Section

    For the Short term, I have also removed the My Daz 3d Library in Daz Studio Formats, so I dont have all the empty folders

    I've added a screen shot

    1913 x 1080 - 266K
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