July, 2019 - Daz 3D New User Challenge - Portrait Rendering



  • t0mgt0mg Posts: 48

    Thanks you for the support and congratulations to everyone that participated. I'm really happy to see my render showcased!! Looking forward to keep rendering stuff :) 

  • Wonderful choices!  Congrats to winners and everyone that participated.

  • Thank you so much for showcasing my work!  Congratulations to the other artists for their wonderful pieces!

  • Excellent choices, this is what makes these challenges so fun to participate in. The quality of work pushes us to improve ourselves. Congrats to the showcased artists.
  • WinterMoonWinterMoon Posts: 1,893

    Congratulations everyone! laugh yesyes

  • Oh wow! Thank you so much for selecting my image to showcase, I am so pleased and surprised! 
     Congratulations to the showcased, well done!
     I think everyone who participated in last months challenge did excellent work, great job everyone.

  • nichengnicheng Posts: 3
    nicheng said:

    Here is a portrait I did a couple of months ago just to experiment and see what I could do. Her name is Aki.

    Really nice use of DOF to bring the focus to Aki's face.

    Just a couple of pose adjustments may be needed.  I think her right arm may be intersecting the arm of the couch but it is hard to tell from this angle.  Also, the fingers of her left hand could be in contact with the arm of the couch.  You just need to add a little bit of bend to the fingers.

    This is a really nice image.


    Thank you for the feedback!

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