36th Daz3D Bryce Render challenge. The theme is ~#~ "Wanderlust" ~#~



  • I like it. Sounds good.
  • I see, I still missed some posts in the end.

    @ mtnmen: Nice contrast between the house and the gloomy trees. Very good.

    @ Akmerlow: Nice render and great idea with the souvenirs.

    @ ed3D: Matching idea and well done.

    @ Electro-Elvis: great idea and beautiful render.

    @ Chohole: The theme sounds interesting.

  • akmerlowakmerlow Posts: 1,124

    adbc, Horo, mermaid010, mtnmen, Jamahoney, Yellow Pen, drachenlords - thank you much for kind comments!


    Items used are freebies, so in case someone would need them for renders, here are credits:

    Free Books (VizPeople), Free RetroCamera (VizPeople), Teatime (klausdbg), Lament Configuration (Susan_Carter), Pan Flute Straight pipes (Harrgunn), Villainous Masks Props (ARTOFMARK3D), Maneki Neko (lab108), Don Gor (Goran Abramovic), Column Pedestal (JBJDesigns), Ceramic pot 1 (Adrian3dartist), Athena - Minerva of Arezzo (threedscans), Victorian Era Cigar Box (Jim Farris Xaa), EasterEgg (Varsel).

  • ed3Ded3D Posts: 2,071

    Akmerlow:    thanks fur the  list of  free items

    drachenlords:    well,  thanks kindly

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