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I'm not a Moderator or an Admin or even assoiated with this contest. But this is a Contest for New Users with a small prize to be won for the New User that does the best work. If you wish to enter you Should use the June WIP thread first, if you just wish to show your art work and not enter the Contest you might think about Starting a Thread in the Art Studio Forum.


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    Thought it was time I shared my first DAZ renders with peeps. I have three to share..if this is not allowed please state. But they are already PF pieces and I'm not intending to do any further work on them ATM. But all helpful comments appreciated.

    RENDER 1


    Daz Studio 4 Pro

    Small amount of postwork applied to lighting and character

    Mix of M4 / M5 clothing

    The character shown has been morphed and intended for personal use only. It will not be resold or shared for distribution elsewhere.

    If you want any critique, helpful tips or whatever, then you should post the image into the WIP thread, rather than the actual contest thread. This is why we made the 2 different threads for the contest,

    WIP thread is here

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    RENDER 3

    The Heartbreaker

    Daz Studio 4 Pro

    Postwork applied to lighting Tattoo and correction on levels PS CS5


    The character shown has been morphed and intended for personal use only. It will not be resold or shared for distribution elsewhere.

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    Please post your preliminary renders in the WIP thread, and only post the finished render in this thread when you are happy to say that it is finished.

    In that case they are finished renders.

    However, if what it is being suggested that NEW users must obtain advice from FORUM members only to qualify as a NEW user Render (which may well still be WIP, just not at the moment)

    Also as stated

    Frank0314 said:
    Yeah if you feel it's done and don't need any feedback on it, feel free.

    The Heading on this topic also says New users *** JUNE New Users Contest. *** Not WIP

    Sorry, not trying to be difficult, but I'm just pointing out what doesn't seem clear. Not looking to create an issue so if the work isn't welcome I'll remove.

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    i4dezign73 While this is an open contest for new users, it does have a purpose.

    This contest is a protrait contest, and the idea was to demonstrate how light effects a render, which is why we have the WIP thread, because New User Contest are designed to be an educational tool for everyone as well as a contest with a small prize at the end.

    We do also have rules, which are posted in a sticky thread.

    One of the rules is that you are allowed 2 entries.

    So I have removed all your entires into a separate thread, and if you wish to enter, plese tell me which 2 I should put back in the contest thread.

    It isnot obligatory to post to the WIP thread first, but we do prefer it, as the whole process can be helpful for all the new users taking part, as they see other's renders and how they have change d as they pick up hints and tips, both from other people who are taking part, and other members of the forum

    However if you prefer not to use the WIP thread, then that is OK

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    Well they aren't WIP and I don't want to be singled out for any reason, so you may as well remove all. Thanks anyway.

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    You are not understanding me. You are allowed to enter 2 images, as it says in the rules here

    So all I was saying is that you need to tell us which 2 out of the 3 you have posted, you wish us to put back into the contest thread.

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