Help! Can't find AniMate plug-in

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Hi everyone,

I cant seem to find my Animate plugin for DS4.10........has Animate been dicontinued??  or do I have to download plugin from DAZ site.


Many thanks 


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  • AniMate as opposed to AniMate 2?

  • Hi Dazians,

    I finally have the chance of relearning and playing around with the new and improved DAZ3D 4.10 - which I love.  Totally love the iray render quality which is stunning!

    My main problem is i seem to have lost my Animate plugin.  The plugin is NOT listed in the plugin folder (prog file) only Animate 2 is listed.  I stayed away for severals years while Daz sorted out the the upgrades etc.  Finally D/L software last month and have been studying my way around software again. 

    The DS3 Animate plugin was listed and used on my ole dead computer, am i doing something wrong?? or do i have to download Animate plugin again?   


    Many thanks in advance.


  • Hi Richard, 

    Its AniMate. 

    I have re-flag this problem in Daz Software forum - sorry

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    As far as I know DS3 Animator is for DS3.  It was never updated for DS4.xx

    If you want similar or better functionality then I suggest KeyMate and GraphMate which works with AniMate2. 

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