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  • mdingmding Posts: 1,097

    Saxa -- SD said:


    Have more better news for you ;)

    Just found this link >https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/56849/how-can-i-use-script-to-launch-an-external-application

    Essentially follow Rob's syntax, which is:
    App.showURL( “file:///c:/MyApp.exe” );

    Just tried this for one of my mp4s.
    (1) in folder path you want in DS, make  new text file. rename extension to .dsa.
    (2) enter code above in new dsa, then substitute your filepath. Spaces and different directories are fine. Mine was 4 folders deep.
    (3) refresh folder in DS, see .DSA, double-click and now my MP4 auto opens in MPC-HC.  My MPC-HC is set as the .mp4 player in win os.

    DazStudio really is awesome in all the features it offers.
    Happy tut'ing!

    OMG that is so cool - thank you so much @Saxa -- SD!!yesyesyes 

  • LauritaLaurita Posts: 180

    Saxa -- SD said:

    Not sure what Bitwelders continued absence from this thread means.  Still JVs with Zevo.  Maybe not available for forum support for reasons.  Dearly hope it works at least with new DS/new code when that out. 

    I honestly believe he simply has no clue how indispenable VM are for some people. Me included.  I would love to know how many units of this tool got sold over the years, I just hope it is profitable enough for Bitwelder to update it once (if) DS5 is relaesed.

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    I keep getting the notifications about new comments, and I'm always hoping it's Bitwelder with an update ;)

    @Laurita - I hope he does know how important it is. A part of me dreams that the reason there hasn't been an update is that they're working on incorporating the core functionality into DS5 :) 

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