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I'm not sure that there are many folk frequenting this forum these days but I do think we need a thread for products successfuly converted for use in Poser - either using the DSON plug-in with Studio active in the background, or converted to a native Poser format.

The new computer I finally got around to buying this year is the first I've had that runs Studio without crashing - mostly - and so I've finally started purchasing some Studio products with a view to getting them into Poser, which is my prefered environment.

The way that I'm going to be working is to create companion files or CR2s in Studio and then use Netherwork's Creator's Toybox Plug In (I won't spend time describing its use - I can't do better than the instructions included with it) to render them Poser native. My reason for this choice for workflow is that I find the models under DSON rather unresponsive.

This thread is for anyone to contribute to but I'll not that with regards to my own efforts, I won't be spending much time on material settings in Poser - if you've seen my gallery, you'll know that I've no interest in photorealism, so the work would be wasted on me.

I'll only be posting here and there, taking the odd screen shot as I trya product out.



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    So, here's a post to get the ball rolling...

    Merchasar's Worms

    This is set of 9 wriggly figures which are not Poser ready but which work just fine. I created companion files within Studio and they will work just fine with those - though I didn't have much luck with the mat fils, so you'll need to apply textures yourself and save out the materials. The eye stalks of the snail are not rigged - but that really isn't a deal breaker, it is a terrific little model and doubles as a slug. None of them come with anything like EasyPose and when I get around to installing Easypose Underground on this machine, I might add it but as they are, these seem fairly easy to work with.

    Even at its full price, this seems like great value to me and the models are worth a little of your time to convert. Here are a couple of images...

    971 x 586 - 54K
    767 x 780 - 50K
    606 x 530 - 20K
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    One more before I turn in for the night.

    The Creeper Collection

    This one is now a PC+ item, so if you're a member, it really is a bit of a bargain for 9 creepies, some of them really unusual, such as the wonderfull choice of spiders.These converted with no hastle at all. They all converted to Poser with no fuss and have a large range of articulation, so I can't reccommend them enough. Again, here are a few pics of my favourites.

    1243 x 861 - 83K
    1243 x 861 - 92K
    1243 x 861 - 74K
    1243 x 861 - 92K
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    Giant Fantasy Snake

    Partial Compatibility

    I've still some work to do on the materials but I think that there is a limit to what I can achieve with it. It really is a great model, which imports, converts, and poses marvelously. However, there is a problem with the mapping for Poser. You'll notice a clear seam around the neck (looking at the product page it was designed to have two versions - with and without the head) and it seems that the mapping above and below the divide is at a different scale, which might not have been too much of a problem were they two different material regions. As it is, if I get the settings right for the head, then they are not quite enough for the body, but get them right for the body and they are just too much on the head.

    I might try splitting them into different material regions and seeing if I can get better results from that but it will have to be an effort for another day. This is potentially a useful model to me but it will  require post until I get the material regions sorted - you'll need to take account of that if you were thinking of the purchase.


    1243 x 861 - 107K
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    The Bat Thing

    I'll admit that I've not tried to do anthing with the hooves, which I assume are just conformers, because they didn't really interest me. The main figure seems to work rather well though - I did break one of the wings using the included poses, though I didn't run into that problem while posing it myself. The face morphs all work well and there are some handy dials for folding the wings, and scrunching the feet up for walking. Certainly worth your consideration for use in Poser.

    539 x 853 - 64K
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    Sea Beast

    Another Ant Farm creature feature. Absolutely no problems bringing this into Poser and has some handy pose dials to make using it a doddle.

    1243 x 462 - 73K
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    Sir Waddleston - 3D Universe Toon Parot

    Well, that would be a no...


    927 x 610 - 46K
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    Philebus thank you so much for starting this thread. Just purchased the Worm characters and they do indeed work great in Poser.

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    Some Notes on Making Genesis into a Native Poser Figure


    One big difference between the way Genesis works and how we’re used to Poser figures working, is in the UV maps. Different full body morphs will often have there own custom UV map associated with them to limit texture stretching, which is a nice feature.

    In theory, it might have been possible to implement in Poser by using geometry switching dials to reference different object files with their own UV maps. However, as I understand it, this only works in Poser’s Traditional skinning, while subdivision, essential these days and particularly for Genesis, requires Poser Unimesh. So that’s out. Pity.

    In order to get the multiple UV mapped characters, load Genesis in Studio, set the UV option you want in the Surfaces tab, and then export a cr2. I’ve built a library of quite a few of these thanks to recent sales, so I needed to do 20.

    Using using the File Optimiser script in Netherworks’ Creator’s Toybox (sold in two or three other stores, I believe), you will need to optimise these to make them run happily in Poser without Studio running in the background. As part of this process, you will be asked to copy a corresponding obj file for each cr2 (I had a folder prepared for all of these and gave them handy to remember names, such as Genesis_StephanieUVs.obj).

    Having 20 obj files isn’t a problem, nor is having 20 cr2 files either – the problem is that we now have 20 pmd files, each packed with about 150mb of morph data, which is a lot of bloat. Delete all but one of the cr2 files and all but one of the pmd files. Name the remaining pmd Genesis.pmd and the cr2, Genesis.cr2 and open it in a text editor.

    The cr2 files reference their associated obj and pmd files twice each. So, first find and change the pmd to read Genesis.pmd and save.

    The next step is to open the cr2 in Poser and do a little bit of work on it there – the sort of work you don’t want to be repeating 20 times for each UV set.

    It may be that you can skip this step entirely but I like to edit the dials into groups and an order that makes sense to me, so I can quickly find stuff.

    You may also want to delete some morphs at this stage if you have the Fit Control product. Fit Control works by having a set of morphs in Genesis which are then transferred to the clothing item. You then set the morphs in the clothing to the desired effect without actually using them directly in the Genesis figure. This is a problem in Poser. When you conform a clothing item in Poser, you will usually have it set up to automatically follow the morphs in the figure it’s conformed to – which means that if you try to use the Fit Control morphs you should have already transferred to the item in readiness to make it Poser native, they won’t work.

    There are two solutions. Uninstall the product before exporting your Genesis cr2 files or, after you’ve finished setting up the dials where you want them, Show Hidden Parameters and right click each of the fit control morphs in turn and delete them. Make sure that your Poser preferences are for external morph targets and then save figure.

    Open the cr2 again in your text editor. Find the obj file references and change the name to the first obj in your folder and re-save the cr2 with an appropriate name, then change the reference to the next obj and rinse and repeat until you’ve got yourself as many cr2 files as you have obj files with unique UV maps, all referencing the same pmd file of morphs.

    Your Poser native version of Genesis is now virtually complete but before going further, you need to deal with materials and poses. You will have a whole bunch of these as Poser Companion Files, which annoyingly – and needlessly – reference Studio is some way so that if you apply them to your converted figure, you’re going to get some unwelcome slowdown. Using the File Optimiser again, you can select the contents of whole folders to optimise in one go, divorcing them from Studio.

    Genesis 2 works in just the same way.

    I’ll post about clothing and hair another day.

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    Notes on Making Clothing Poser Native


    There’s not much point in going to the trouble of making a Genesis base figure Poser native unless you are going to do the same – and with reasonable results – for clothing and hair. So far, I’m finding that this can be done easily enough but with not always with prefect results.

    I really just follow the method suggested for Netherwork’s File Optimiser (part of the Creator’s Toolbox) but with an added stage to introduce Fit Control morphs – if you don’t have that product, then you can skip that stage.

    Clothing Morphs

    In Poser and pre-Genesis Studio, we have always relied on content creators supporting various body morphs in their clothing products. These days, there appears to be much more reliance on Studio’s auto following feature, which algorithmically morphs clothing to fit the figure’s body shape. This is pretty good these days but it does have some limitations – such as the shrink wrap effect, which is why I use the Fit Control morphs (looking through the store, there are other similar products that look like they do the same thing).

    Supported morphs seem to work very well with converted products but morphs created by the auto follow feature can generate some poke-through in a Poser native format, some of which can be dealt with using the Fit Control morphs, while others will need Poser’s morph brush to tidy up.


    Stage One: Fire up Studio and load your Genesis figure, conform a clothing item you want to convert, then run the Fit Control script to add those morphs to the clothing. Save this as a new clothing item and create a Poser Companion File. (In theory, it should be – and is – possible to add morphs within Studio and then export that CR2 but they don’t seem to work terribly well in Poser, so we need to add them there.)

    Stage Two: Keeping Studio running, open Poser and load your Genesis figure using it Poser Companion File, then conform the clothing item you are converting. With Genesis selected, dial up all the morphs you want to add (don’t dial up already supported morphs). This will result in a monstrous mutant, but don’t worry about it. Now use the DSON script to transfer the active morphs. This is oddly important: do not save the clothing as a CR2 while still conformed – I’ve tried it and weird stuff happens, including, sometimes, the generation of an object file with no UVs. If this is the only item you are converting, then delete Genesis to leave the clothing, or, if you have more to do, you’ll have to use Figure>Conform to>none – now you can save it out as a CR2.

    Stage Three: Run Netherwork’s File Optimiser on the new CR2 and then load it into Poser. Change the skinning method to Unimesh and make sure that you set subdivision to 1 for rendering and set up the materials (you may have Poser Companion Files to do that or you may have to do it yourself in the material room) before re-saving.

    Future Posts

    As I work through the library of Genesis 1&2 products that I've been buying, I'll post confirmed successes and failures in future posts. If anyone else would like to post about products that they have successfully converted, then we could build a list from which other Poser users can make decisions about whether to buy Studio products.

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    Just Wet

    Excellent Conversion


    I just tried Meshitup's Just Wet clothing set for the Genesis 2 male according to the above method. All worked out very well! It only supported Michael 6 but other shapes were easily added - I've added some weight and shortened this example - and all looks good in a pose. Very happy with it. I didn't do anything with the materials here - I'll note that the textures and normal map applied with the materials but I'll probably want to do a little something to make it glossy.




    500 x 827 - 32K
    385 x 841 - 30K
    405 x 841 - 30K
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