A Technique for Creating Realistic Oceans and Seas



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    0oseven said:
    I tried that and didn't seem to work but maybe I had some incorrect setting = will try again. thanks again.

    I have been too busy to attempt animation (yet). My initial thought was to adjust the terrain settings, but TBH, I don't even know if those are animate-able. If you get something to work, please post it here!


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    You can animate the terrain using the wave deformer. The phase should be at 0% at the start of the animation and 100% at the end.

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    You can animate the terrain using the wave deformer. The phase should be at 0% at the start of the animation and 100% at the end.

    Thanks, EP, for sharing that! Nicely done too!


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    Now that I've started down this track and thinking about what it would take to create an animation of a boat rocking on rough seas, the next question is:

    How do you find the perpendicular (angle) of a terrain surface at a specific point?

    I know that when you populate trees (e.g.) on a terrain, there is an option that places trees perpendicular to the surface, but I don't know of a way to relate one object (e.g., a boat) to the terrain in this fashion.

    I'll have to experiment with replicating 1 copy of a boat onto the ocean terrain's surface, and see if it creates the right effect.

    I can't picture how to use physics animation, but that might also be an option.


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    Sparrowhawk has a 'follow terrain" plugin. I think it could help.

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    I did a bobber hitting the water a few years ago & just keyframed the bobber movement.
    animation is at shoestring shaders site. > http://www.des-web.net/html/samples.html
    If you are using a replicated terrain, getting your boat movement will require alot of area renders, as the follow terrain modifier can't have the boat follow a replicated terrain. The other option would be just using a terrain without replication, as I did with the bobber.

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    Philemo and McGuiver, good inputs! I've heard of Sparrowhawk's plug-ins, so I will definitely look into that.

    Nice job on the bobber, McG. I'll have to consider how to create a terrain large enough not to need a replicator then...



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    A trick 3dage gave me some time ago using the ocean primitive - should work equally well on an animated terrain.

    Replicate, hide the original then place a boat - you will have to mess about with the boat's pivot point to get it just right - and it will bob about nicely as the ocean (terrain?) moves. Just trying to remember - was it a replica of the boat, was it parented to the ocean?

    My "real" PC gave up the ghost last week and I'm waiting for a custom-built replacement, so can't experiment with this at the moment. No point in trying anything CG on this toy laptop:)

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    Not exactly an ocean..... but its water.

    I have been experimenting, trying to create a waterfall.

    The water at the top is just a simple mesh. It could have been even simpler, but I made a copy of the terrain, and re-sculpted and removed unnecessary parts.

    The waterfall is a base mesh, in the shape of the fall. No details, since it will be hidden.
    On this mesh I replicated the waterdrops.

    I just couldn't get the water to look right, until I tried to put a little bit of glow in the shader. 2 % was just right..

    I did also use caustics when I rendered.

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    That's gorgeous!


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    Varsel, that looks absolutely stunning!

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