can i get bryce 7.1 in the uk

hi, i live in wales uk the price of bryce is $19, if i order it will it cost any more, also is it a hard copy or a download as the internet where i live is not very good (still in the dark age here)


  • FishtalesFishtales Posts: 3,433

    If you buy it with a Debit Card you will get a better exchange rate than you will with PayPal, at least I do with Nationwide.

    $19 just now is approx. £14.57

  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 28,653

    Hi     I live in Wales as well. I have 70MBs internet connection with BT which, although possibly not the fastest, is fine by me..    And yes you can get Bryce anywhere.  It is a download item.   Buy it   the go to your product library and download it.  As you can see the files are .exe files,  so should be downloaded and installed manually

    These screen shot show you the size of the various downloads,  the actual program and the big pro content bundle being the largest 2 files  253mb   and  675 mb  respectively.

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    thanks so much, i've just bought it

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