Terrain Editor and Heightmap Generators for Bryce



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    LOL.. I have a British friend here that calls it the "loo" or well.. mostly has referred to it as "the Bog".. as well as the paper.. he calls "bog paper" laugh

    Eugenius, Cool that Santa got you WC.. I've been playing around with illustrator making some height maps from paper cut graphics, then importing into Bryce and WC.. have not done too much as been sick frown over the holiday..

    hope everyone had a great one here!

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  • Rasberri - I hope you're feeling better. Santa still had some spare credit, so I got myself a 1T internal hard drive however I still need to install it. Illustrator is an awesome vector software and it won't let you down. I'm learning to use isolines and filters in WC1; I prefer using Bryce's Masking for the terrains. 

    Happy New Year to you and the Bryce Forum members!

  • My first landscape using isolines in World Creator 1 and rendered in Bryce. 

    Dark Valley.jpg
    1114 x 819 - 311K
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    Eugenius- very nice render 



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    Eugenius - now that one came out great.

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    My first landscape using isolines in World Creator 1 and rendered in Bryce. 

    Very realistic!

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  • mermaid010, Horo, Slepalex - Thank you. I was inspired by an art concept for the game Middle-Earth Shadow of War. 

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    Really good work, Eugenius!

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    Super work....always love works related to games - they truely do inspire (I'm currently way behind in playing 'The Last Of Us'...but so much fun)..


  • Hansmar, Jamahoney - Thank you both for your kind comments. I read up on The Last Of Us storyline and is seems suspenful and a fun game. The graphics and environments look top-notch and I can see why players would be entrenched in the game. 

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