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    Hey guys... Meet Tameron. She's Raelynn's best frienemy and eternal nemesis. This is a joke character, so please don't take any of the following as serious social commentary. I don't do social and serious in the same sentence.


    Tameron is heavily based on all the self-absorbed, daft edgelords I've ever met online. So yeah, she's a parody character, and not a particularly affectionate one. But what can I say? I tend to start liking all my characters, no matter how terrible I intend them to be.


    Things to know about Tameron include:

    1 - She's lethally allergic to all kinds of vegetables. Not to fruits and berries, just to veggies. Don't ask her to explain.

    2 - Her short term memory is non-existant, and she finds everything related to Finding Dory very ableist and offensive.

    3 - In her soul she's part cat and part wolf, meaning that she's got an instinctive need to scratch on stuff, howl at the moon and chase sheep.

    4 - She DIES if she eats vegetables, like LITERALLY.

    5 - She fights the Patriarchy all day long, by not using grammar and punctuation in her tweets. Those are tools of oppression! (Grammar and punctuation, not her tweets. Her words are weapons of Liberation!)

    6 - Her own mother tries to literally murder her every day, by suggesting that she add vegetables to her diet.

    7 - The soonest she's been expelled from school is three weeks into a semester.

    8 - She's a proud Anti-Waxxer, and fights for women's right to having hairy legs. 

    9 - She's got a self-diagnosed IQ of 160.

    10 - Vegetables. Allergic for real. Literally dies!!1


    It's easy to assume that Tameron is a Social Justice Warrior (not to be confused with actual activists, who really work to change things), but she's not. Although their focus may be misaimed and their methods may be ineffective, Keyboard Warriors usually think they fight for something bigger than themselves. Tameron... nah. She's looking out for herself, and that's about it. Even on the occasions where she does speak up about an actual problem, it's always phrased in a way that very specifically points to her. She does not appreciate having her suffering invalidated =UwU= by someone pointing out that there are people worse off. 


    Tameron's in college, working on a custom PhD in a field she's invented herself, so she makes money by blackmailing people. The problem is that hardly anyone ever pays up. Raelynn, for example, owes Tameron about $ 45k, for having said stupid things, had stupid opinions, not known things she really should, and for just rubbing Tameron the wrong way at the wrong moment. Tameron doesn't ever expect to see a penny of it, but that's okay. Knowing that someone owes something her makes her feel justified.


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    I so love that character she is totally amazing!!!

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    ... or, as Coco Chanel famously said: Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, take one thing off, and give it to Tameron. She'll find a way to wear it. Not wear it well, mind you... but wear it.

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    Saphirewild said:  I so love that character she is totally amazing!!!

    Thank you! laugh I've had a lot of fun at her expense for some years, and now also in 3D! She may show up again!

    Hylas said: ... or, as Coco Chanel famously said: Before you leave the house, look in the mirror, take one thing off, and give it to Tameron. She'll find a way to wear it. Not wear it well, mind you... but wear it.

    Tameron's fashion sense can best be described as "fell into a laundry basket, and this is what stuck." Normally she isn't as decked out as she is in those pictures, but I felt she needed a statement piece since you can't see her shoes. (They're fabulous, I promise!) All the necklaces are one item. There's a wicked little devil skull pendant on the longest one, but it didn't fit in the picture.


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    I felt like it was time to do some renders of guys again. As usual it's someone who can't exactly be described as "sexy" or conventionally handsome, but he's kind of cute in his own way. Back on the second page of the thread, at a point where dialling up characters was even more of a hit-or-miss than it is nowadays, I "accidentally" made a guy that had a passing reseblance to an original character named Andre. That version wasn't all too accurate, so I made a couple of new attempts. First I created a G8.1 version, which I'm still pretty happy with, but I'm having a bit of a hard time with expressions on 8.1 yet. Then I copied all his settings over to a G8M base, which you see here.


    Andre looks a lot younger than he really is. In the story he's from, he's in his mid to late 20s by the time he gains any kind of prominence. He's also got these soft, subtle kind of features that makes him look very innocent and harmless. This is one book you mustn't judge by its cover, though. Andre's not bad, but neither is he harmless or completely innocent. He's impulsive and a bit reckless, and although he's tested negative for ADHD twice, there clearly is something a little off. His reactions to things, and just his behaviour in general, are unpredictable a lot of the time. Andre plays rough, and a few times he's ended up hurting someone unintentinally. He's even been scarily close to seriously injuring or killing people on a couple of occasions, because he's not always able to predict the consequences of his actions. It seems like he's not aware of how strong he is.


    Like I said, though: He's not a bad person. His personality is more of a clever, mischievous rascal who tends to get in over his head. He often shows signs of high intelligence and insightfulness, but at the next moment he may do something that makes you wonder if his brain is plugged in at all. Andre's usually friendly, cheerful and energetic. There's nothing about him that seems sinister on the surface, which makes it come as a surprise when he suddenly pins someone down and starts reciting a creepy poem. He'll make morbid remarks out of the blue, and be completely oblivious to why they're inappropriate. I'm talking stuff like telling you that your baby's got a striking resemblance to a famous child Doe (not his worst statement), and that kind of bloopers. It's not so much that he lacks compassion and empathy, he just seems to lose connection with them at random times. Oh yes, and he does like researching dark topics.



    These are some additional renders of him, and if they would line up nicely that would be neat. (Gettit?)

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    During the last sales of the PA Festival I snapped up the Aycroft and Rye Croft outfits, that had been on my wishlist for a while. I just can't resist 70s boho clothing. Annie (L) and Elena (R) got to try them on for size, which made them in the mood for attending a harvest marked and look at pumpkins. They want to go to a Halloween themed pumkin patch next, but that would require warmer clothing and another photo shoot.


    This is the original picture with just some auto-correct.

    No filters, and too much DoF for my taste.

    No DoF at all, for those who like individual leaves.

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    Elena's arms must be getting tired of posing with that big pumpkin by now. x)


    Less filter.

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    No filter?? surprise


    Ok, here's the auto corrected version.

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    "This little piggy went to market. This little piggy went to school... Wait, if the piggy went to market, that probably means it's getting butchered. That's dark for a children's rhyme. Anyway! This little piggy stayed at home."

    "I'm gonna kill you, Andre! Freaking moron. When you let me go, you'll be SO sorry, and you'll be so dead..!"


    "And now, all the piggies at once!" They're doing the Riverdance!"

    Tyler is the youngest of three brothers, and there's more than a decade between him and Andre, who's the middle child. Their maturity levels are often roughly similar, but Andre is almost twelve years ahead in size. There isn't much Tyler can do while his scalp is being introduced to Andre's knuckles than to unleash threats and try to get in a good kick. He's digging his nails in too, but Andre has stupidly high pain tolerance so it doesn't do any good.


    Different angle. I think maybe I like this one better.

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    UGH! And by that I mean that none of the renders I've attempted all month have come out any good. I'm so fed up, I think I'll just do a bunch of pics with the Starbloom family until the fog lifts, metaphorically speaking.


    In the mean time, I decided to revisit this scene, and swap Andre - who I made as an 8.1 character - out with his G8M clone. He just looks so malicious in the original renders, I wanted to see if I could get a more playful, mischievous result with the plain 8 version. Yeah, I think he definitely looks less evil, but he also looks a lot less realistic. There's this almost animé-ish look to him, and his face isn't as round as it should be. That's probably what I get for making a model of this character, because he sometimes turns into his own evil twin Andrei. (Or so he claims...) When Andrei's in control, things can get interesting. Now I have two versions of him, and who knows which is the real one!?

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    Tyler looks 10-ish, which makes Andre 21 at least? Go get a job, Andre! Sheesh.


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    Hylas said:

    Tyler looks 10-ish, which makes Andre 21 at least? Go get a job, Andre! Sheesh.

    Yeah, they're something like that. He does have a job, as a caretaker/repairman at this home for peculiar children. (It's an urban fantasy sort of story. Andre is a genetic mutant. Yes, really.) Problem is, he's on the day shift and has the whole afternoon to get into mischief. His parents are sort of hippies, and they don't mind him living at home.


    This is how mischief happens. Andrei the evil twin comes sneaking up on him, and has a bad idea. 

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    Some great images @Wintermoon!!

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    Thank you @Saphirewildheart laugh

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