Pointless Prizeless Challenge #12: Render A (Stupid) Story Title



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    New post for 2023 titles


    • The Far Queue     ...and, of course, its sequel - Far Queue II !  cheeky
    • The Case Of The Suppository Repository
    • Quindlethrump The Troll   ...or perhaps Buttercup The Troll
    • Toshi Baba And The Faulty Keyboard
    • Moon Men From Mars
    • The Evitable Mise Of xyz     ...or something like that - you know, the opposite of The (In)evitable (De)mise Of xyz
    • Muffy The Umpire Slayer
    • Achilles' Willy   ...Achilles' Willies ?
    • The Sky Swimmers Of Archimedes 7
    • Uncle Carbuncle
    • The Time Flies   ...I think tht's already listed ?
    • The Bagoshite  ...something to do with nassty hobbittssess
    • The Prehensile Testicles Of Gerund Guatemala   ...inspired in part (guess which part) by Villa Incognito, a real book - look it up
    • Olduvai George
    • Dig-Dag-Dug !   ...seen on a T-shirt somewhere ?
    • Muffin's Meringues
    • The Umbrella Smeller     ...or Tyrant ?
    • A Beginners Guide To Putting Things On Top Of Other Things   ... the Monty Python classic
    • The Wholly Bullshit
    • Naked Tango
    • The Toothpaste Jugglers
    • The Papal Drone    ...sequel to The Papal Ass ?


    • Vincent Clinic
    • Amanda Studio
    • Vanilla Woodshaving     <= this one's probably my favourite name for a heroine
    • Felicity Strumpet     ...Fellatia Whipplestrumpet?
    • Dr Suppository    ...inspired by Dr Fallopian
    • Salacious Curdle   ....Crumble? Grumble ?
    • Quarrel/Querrule     ...the former was a James Bond character I think ?
    • Zebulon F Scrottlethwarbler/Wildebeeste
    • Fluenza Wanabe   ..could be Effluenza
    • Piety Perverström/Perversion
    • Reverend Sigismund Olaf McWorzel, vicar of the parish of Outsmouth and the church of St Beagle Of The Euphemism
    • Sydney Teller/Teacher
    • Trundleworth
    • Cromlech Stiltwalker
    • Generic Eric The Nondescript
    • Charlotte Bullwhisperer
    • Krint     ...sounds like a butler
    • Miss Goodride     ...James Bond Girl (sounds very familiar)
    • Topaz The Quaint     ...a fairly meek magician
    • Deeplord The  Unfathomable     
    • Petroleus The Unflammable

    Memorable lines:

    • From Adobe Mick - The famous opening line - "Call me Ishmael. Or Jemima. Whatever you want. It matters not one mote, for my name is Solomon Brunswick."
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    Looks like it is going to be a fun one this year Pete!!!

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    Well 2023 didn't end up being much fun. Let's hope 2024 is an improvement. So here's a brand new post for the new year, a couple of weeks late but who's counting, for 2024 names and titles.

    And since this is in the Art Studio forum I'd better include some art a stupid picture as the last five posts, excepting Diomede's which includied a gallery link, haven't exhibited even a whiff of an image.

    So here's an old, rather poorly conceived and even poorerly implemented movie poster...

    You can see that I decided to leave all the stops firmly in, can't you ?

    (aka reserved space for the poster)

    And on to the real reason for this post.

    Book titles for 2024:

    • ...I have a few written on scraps of paper somewhere which I'll add here when I find them
    • Dogsick And Spongebath Go Camping

    Character names for 2024:

    Let's start 2024 with the ones from that poster

    • Valentine Voronoi
    • Jock Thruster
    • Barnstormley Crumphole
    • Verity Suffix   ...the eighth name.
    • Albert Prunewarbler   ...I think we had his brother Alembic back in January 2021 - the tenth name. And... (see line above)
    • English Nick   ...a bit of a wideboy and tea-leaf
    • American Nick  ...aka Nick the inaccurate slasher
    • Nick the prune
    • Joey the cow
    • Desiree Shagpile
    • Lewisson Crampet

    And a few good words to roll around your palate and savour:

    • Gorn
    • seemly
    • vacuum
    • prodding
    • leap
    • bound
    • vole
    • recidivist   ...slightly dubious?
    • caribou

            omitted (if you don't know, don't ask)

    • ocelot
    • wasp
    • yowling


    (Feel free to nick* any of the titles in this thread for your own films, plays, novels, performance art pieces, etc, and to similarly nick any of the names)



    *That's English nick**, not American nick*** - obviously a couple more names to add
    **English Nick's a tea leaf
    ***American Nick's a slasher - not a very good one though

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    Nice one.  Need to do more in B&W.  Also need better fonts.  Where did you get the ones used in your movie poster?

    Anyway, by coincidence, been having technical/hardware issues, so I did a satire aimed at a certain tech company.  

    Drivers Needed by Miles Milano

    What the critics are saying:

    “Miles writes an action packed tour-de-farce.”  -- New York Times

    “Miles does it again.  Thrill a minute page turner...”  -- Chicago Tribune

    “Guns. Mystery. Women in Nylons!  Motion picture potential...”   -- Los Angeles Times

    “A good cure for insomnia...”  -- Kirkus Reviews

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    Hurrah, a book cover !

    :happy dance:

    All my non-standard fonts are free ones usually from, I think, either 1001fonts.com  or dafont.com, and one of those font-finder sites tells me that what I used in the poster is Sofachrome Regular by Typodermic.

    Here's a shortlist of some free fonts I know I've got, most likely from 1001fonts:

    (Edit: links added to list below. All except Foucault available at 1001fonts)

    Sci-fi: Android InsomniaLazenby ComputerLiquidNeurochromeSpace Age
    Classic: Celtic HandCloister Black, JSL BlackletterFoucaultReynold
    Unusual: Elfic CaslinLovecrafts DiaryWizard Speak,
    Miscellaneous: KirjainkonePsychedelia HMVtks DesgasteCreepsterLiquidism


      Minya Nouvelle - 20 Mar 2024 - the one I used for the "Kachikety-Boom...Gajugata-jugata-jugata" on the back cover of "A Graphic Novel Without Pictures"

     Ombudsman Alternate - 17 Apr 2024 - a stencil font often comes in handy - a few years ago I was useing Stencil Cargo Army, but something odd's happening when I try to open the TTF/OTF freshly downloaded from 1001fonts/DaFont...

     SofaChrome - 18 Apr 2024  as mentioned in the first line of this post

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    557 x 89 - 13K
    463 x 83 - 10K
    431 x 60 - 7K
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    Thanks for the tip.  Registered & just finished trying a couple their fonts.  Seem to work fine on aging versions of Photoshop and Illustrator. 

    Mildly amusing (to me at least) was 1001 font's User-Name robot.  I am "Tyke" -- apparently auto-corrected from Tynkere.  Who cares though.   Call me what they want if free content.  ;) 

    Best wishes & have a good 2024


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