Pointless Prizeless Challenge #12: Render A (Stupid) Story Title



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    New post for 2023 titles


    • The Far Queue     ...and, of course, its sequel - Far Queue II !  cheeky
    • The Case Of The Suppository Repository
    • Quindlethrump The Troll   ...or perhaps Buttercup The Troll
    • Toshi Baba And The Faulty Keyboard
    • Moon Men From Mars
    • The Evitable Mise Of xyz     ...or something like that - you know, the opposite of The (In)evitable (De)mise Of xyz
    • Muffy The Umpire Slayer
    • Achilles' Willy
    • The Sky Swimmers Of Archimedes 7
    • Uncle Carbuncle


    • Vincent Clinic
    • Amanda Studio
    • Vanilla Woodshaving     <= this one's probably my favourite name for a heroine
    • Felicity Strumpet     ...Fellatia Whipplestrumpet?
    • Dr Suppository    
    • Salacious Curdle   ....Crumble? Grumble ?
    • Quarrel/Querrule
    • Zebulon F Scrottlethwarbler
    • Fluenza Wanabe   ..could be Effluenza
    • Piety Perverström.
    • Reverend Sigismund Olaf McWorzel, vicar of the parish of Outsmouth and the church of St Beagle Of The Euphemism

    Memorable lines:

    • From Adobe Mick - The famous opening line - "Call me Ishmael. Or Jemima. Whatever you want. It matters not one mote, for my name is Solomon Brunswick."
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    Looks like it is going to be a fun one this year Pete!!!

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