Pointless Prizeless Challenge #2,486: Render the building of an Interociter

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So without further ado (or adon't if you're that way inclined) it's on to the challenge ! (if you require some further ado/adon't please go to the footnote at the bottom of this post)

Inspired by Redfern's high-energy focusing array in the previous challenge, you are cordially invited to render the building of an Interociter.

Don't know how to build an Interociter ? See this short Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gGY4FgUViI* or google the 1955 movie "This Island Earth". Best of all, watch the full movie.


Special Rules For This Challenge:


1) Each of the 2,486 different parts has to be a separate DAZ product.

2) Each part (i.e. DAZ product) has to be listed in your post (or alternatively in your "How To Build An Interociter" instruction manual).

3) The "How To Build An Interociter" instruction manual has to appear somewhere in your render

4) The Interociter doesn't have to look anything like the one in the movie. But it can if you want.

(Alternatively, you can completely ignore these rules)


Footnote (for those who don't know what a pointless prizeless challenge is):

( Pointless Prizeless Challenge Index | Previous challenge - Pointless Prizeless Challenge #53: Using 3D models in unusual ways (stop giggling at the back!) | Next challenge - Pointless Prizeless Challenge 12: Render The Story Title: and remember that since the challenges are prizeless there is no closing date)

"What's the point of a challenge without prizes?" I hear you ask. Well...there isn't any, which is why I said it's pointless ! But looking on the bright side, without prizes there are are no losers - so everybody's a winner !
(of course you could argue that without prizes there are no winners so everybody's a loser, but that would make you a pointless nihilistic pessimist, so yah boo sucks to you! )


Yes, I'm still bored!

*No, I have nothing to do with this video.

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    To paraphrase Kirk from "The Search for Spock", "My Gawd, what have I done?!"

    I realize this thread is meant to be funny, but if you're actually needing an authentic looking Interocitor prop, Ptrope modeled a really sweet prop available at Share CG.


    Some of the materials are Poser based procedurals, so they won't directly 'translate", but the mesh itself shoule be no problem for D*Z Studio.

    Veering upon a tangent, my favorite gag in "Mystery Science Theater 3000: the Movie" which riffed "This Island Earth" was the 2:44 minute mark of this clip...

    The snack chip type crunching Mike and the 'bots made as Cal's wormy assistant treaded among the scattered parts, each punctuated by his counting down the parts still undamaged had me almost choking from laughter.  Argaubly, it was my favorite gag in the entire movie.



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    Exeter: "You've assembled an interociter, a feat of which few men are capable"

    Ooooo dear ! I'm not sure whether Exeter would approve of pre-assembled interociters !




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    Aww, phooie!  Exeter can take a flying leap into his Interocitor controlled electron sorter! cheeky JK

    Here's Ptrope's prop included as part of a basement lab with Aiko 3 running a diagnostic on B-9 from "Lost in Space".



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    Great picture !


    ...I think you're in trouble now !

    Remember what happened to Dave... ?

    (For anybody not familiar with the movie, Exeter is gleefully pressing the "Blast Dave With Death Ray" button on his Interociter. Dave is/was driving the car.)

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    Donning my nerd hat for a moment, actually, it was Exeter's mercurial assistant, Brack, who blasted the Woodie (a type of car for anyone snickering) and it was Steve Carlson (played by Russell Johnson, the "Professor" of Gilligan's Island") who was driving, diverting the attention of the Metalunians from Cal Meachum and Ruth Adams.

    Now, in roleplay mode...

    "Interesting, I make the jab at Exeter, but rather than nuking me or Aiko's basement lab, Brack saw fit to destroy my neighbor's vintage car?  Well, I guess that's alien logic for you.  BTW, my neighbor will be sending you Metalunians the bill.  It'll be a hefty one as that car was a collectible."



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    Well done, you spotted the deliberate mistake(s) - that was Exeter's alternative intelligence test, so he'll allow your entry with the pre-assembled interociter to stand.

    Regarding the bill for your neighbours vintage car - please place it on the table with the blueprints. Now stand aside please...

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