January 2018 New User 3D Art Challenge - Composition



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    This challenge is now closed! Great work everybody!

    See you in February challenge with the topic light

  • bueno se ven exelentes esas tomas aunque apenas estoy empezando lo unico q puedo opinar que el tipo esta muy enfocado si desenfocara un poco mas se veria espectacular bueno es i opinion por lo q vi creo q la base de este arte ees la chica,,,,,


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    January 2018

    Showcased Participants for the January Composition Challenge

    Oh What A Feeling
    For this Showcase we looked at the artist that best created a mood or feeling with their artwork through the use of color.

    For those reasons we have selected High Elf to showcase smiley

    For this Showcase we took a look at who we felt applied a unique or creative perspective that pushed conventional boundaries.

    The New User we felt best showed that this month was Tynkere

    Best Example of the Topic
    For this Showcase we took a look at who we felt demonstrated the most growth of knowledge on the topic of Composition. We payed special attention to edits that showed an attempt at applying or experimenting with different rules of composition and who we felt ended the challenge with the most rounded/solid understanding of the topic.

    The New Users we felt best showcased those things this month were Noswen and daybird
    image  image

    New User - Welcome



    heart Well done to everyone who participated in the challenge! Every single one of you did an AMAZING JOB! heart

    1280 x 720 - 40K
    1949 x 1462 - 3M
    810 x 501 - 41K
    1960 x 980 - 247K
    2000 x 1125 - 341K
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    Woohoo. Thank you. And congrats to everybody. :D
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    Ohh I never expected to win with my green lady. THX a lot and congrats to all the other winner.

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    Wow...  I’m at a loss for words.  Really didn’t think I had a chance because I got lucky in December.  Getting picked two months in a row... I should've played the lottery.  ; )

    Kind of bitter-sweet though, because read somewhere that twice is the limit.  Then you're supposed to have ‘graduated’

    Hopefully some PMs to our noble CVs will answer question about whether I can continue.

    Anyway, now for the really fun stuff!

    @ Noswen

    Yes!   Dude!  You pulled it off!  I was rooting for you because-- talk about a challenge-- blurred backgournd was hard, and if you figured it out!  That rocks! yes

    @ Day Bird

    Ha!  You were sandbagging all along.  You were always telling me,  “Oh... I’m not any good at this..”  “Oh... I just get lucky every once in a while...”

    Yeah right...  And then you pull something I hadn't even heard of-- like making your own rain puddles out of a 2-D plane or something. Huh?  You can do that?  Going to have to re-read that one & shamelessly copy you.  devil 

    @ High Elf

    Maybe the most satisfying of all to see you featured, because no fancy tricks.  Just a nice, simple, warmly lit romantic scene.  Paid off and am happy for you!  smiley

    @ Everyone else

    Hopefully motivation to kick some keister and come up with something cool for February.  It’s a “challenge” after all!  For me, that’s what makes it fun.  Seeing what everyone comes up with every month.

    Best wishes to everyone in February! laugh


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    Well done to everyone who won. There were some great entries this month.

    @Noswen, that motion blur effect looks great.

    Tynkere said:

    Kind of bitter-sweet though, because read somewhere that twice is the limit.  Then you're supposed to have ‘graduated’

    Hopefully some PMs to our noble CVs will answer question about whether I can continue.

    Pretty sure they won't mind you (or anyone else) taking part, although they might not select you as a winner again (gotta spread the praise and prizes around).

  • Congrats to the winner and everyone who participated. Thank you for the helpful feedback. I'm gonna keep working on composition and iray... especially for february's entry.
  • NoswenNoswen Posts: 358

    Yay! Thank you! smiley

    And congratulations to everyone else who won and took part as well! smiley

  • ChameoChameo Posts: 306

    Well-deserved congratulations to all the highlighted features! So much inspiration!

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    @Tynkere the only rules we have are here: https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/3440/new-user-challenge-rules-and-regulations#latest and that isn't in there (or not that I see or recall). It once was a rule when it was an actual contest with places and the prizes etc were based on which place you won but as it is a challenge now and since the topics are varied etc the graduation was removed.

    That said, at any time, anyone participating can choose to participate without it being official. You just put NAE on your post (Which means it wont be looked at when considering who to spotlight)

    Hope that helps smiley And Congrats again smiley

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