Strange Overexposure Effect with Amber for Genesis 8

In Attached Picture you see a strange overexposure blow out with Amber 8

On the left is Amber 3 on the right Amber 8.

It looks like there is something wong with the nail shader.

Can Anyonr reproduce this.

Rendered over 10k iterations, Renderquality 2.0

1024 x 1024 - 999K


  • scorpioscorpio Posts: 5,867

    Looks as if the nails have emissive applied look in the surface tab to see if the emissive channel has a colour thats not 0,0,0 to it.

  • Good Idea, but Emission is set to 0,0,0

  • It doesent seem to come from the fingernails by the way but from the skin around it on the fingertip. It starts out normaly but afer a couple iterations it blows out more and more.

    Going to post some examples later

  • KarukiKaruki Posts: 317

    It can be to do with the translucency settings, all I can offer with my knowledge.

  • outrider42outrider42 Posts: 1,369

    Since you have them both, are the surface settings any different between them? Amber on the left seems to have better looking skin overall, too.

  • The Nails Shader seems to be the problem, if i only replace the Nails shader with the one from Amber 3 it works fine.
    But the Shaders are very different so I'm not sure what the exact problem is. I Attached Screenshots of the two Shader Settings.


    588 x 1359 - 221K
    588 x 1359 - 195K
    588 x 1359 - 242K
    588 x 1359 - 210K
  • I had similar problem, still don't know what it is but has something to do with "Translucency Weight" in nail surface.

    Try enable Spectral Rendering.

  • outrider42outrider42 Posts: 1,369

    "Base color effect" says "scatter and transmit intensely" on G8. Maybe try switching it to the scatter only. My guess is that the "intensely" part may be a bit too intense. It could have something to do with the new dual lobe settings causing a glitch with that setting. Did you you ever get this figured out or file a support ticket?

  • RenomistaRenomista Posts: 920

    After being back from visiting family I'm going to open a ticket

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