Sakura 8



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    3dOutlaw said:

    Been a while since I rendered Sakura cheeky  Just sort of lost the mojo a while back.


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    Sakura seems to work fine on Genesis 8.1, but some of the Sakura expressions...not so much.  Then again, with the new face rig, I am going to try a series of expressions and see if it makes it easier on 8.1

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    Been a while since I posted!  cheeky  (Click images for bigger size)

  • Those look great! I love the one where she's staring out at the planet, it really captures the moment. 

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    I made one more, for the season!  laugh

    (...this is a great old outfit made back in 2013 by Val3dArt called Sweet Delirium, still at Rendo...hat not included)

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