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I'm So behind the times, I've been limping along with V3 and Poser 5 forever. I have Poser 7 now and a shiny new plat club membership but I am confused as to what to buy. I have the V4 and M4 bases. But just what is Genesis (also unimesh), Is there a link somewhere to explain all this? I saw the genesis morph bundle on sale but all it says for required products is 'compatible figures' . Not so enlightening in my case, lol. My budget it pretty limited so I need to get as much bang for my buck as possible...

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    Genesis is the current DAZ figure. It’s the base for all characters now. Male, female, humans, monsters... From Generation 5 to creatures like The Troll.
    It’s awesome. The only figure I use now. Here is a nice video about it.

    And the “What is Genesis?” pages:

    But note that Genesis (meaning M5, V5 and all new characters) is for DAZ Studio 4 only.
    Hope this helps! ;-)

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    Yes, Genesis is DS4 only, but it comes free in DS4, which is currently free itself...

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    You can't use Genesis in Poser7.

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    If you have no plans to work in DS4 you should buy no genesis stuff as genesis is the DS4 product only. For Poser 7 better grab at least those generation 4 products like v4 and m4 morphs++ and muscle morphs and the $1 .99 items if you are PC member.
    Unimesh is just a base for all generation 4 figures. Kind of genesis base shape and the rest of genesis shapes relations.

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    The Unimesh name is also used to refer to the way that figures like Aiko 3 and the Freak are morphs of the base Victoria/Michael in the fourth generation figures, with a Unimesh Fits add on adding morphs to support those characters to the base clothing (which has just the base shape, plus whatever shaping morphs are supported).

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    Thanks so much everyone, that clears this up for me!!


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