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Genesis™ is a new line of 3D figures designed to provide more versatility and customizability than any single 3D figure ever before. Genesis consists of a common base figure from which a huge range of other 3D figures can be derived. All Genesis figures utilize the same core rig and 3D mesh of the base Genesis figure that they are built from. The more add-on Genesis figure shapes that you have installed, the greater the range of possible characters you can create.

With Genesis you can...
  • Quickly create custom characters and avatars
  • Blend different body shapes to form new characters
  • Use existing clothing on new Genesis shapes automatically
  • Design specific skin textures for your custom creation
  • Enjoy realistic bending across different figure proportions

The Genesis™ advantage is two-fold. First, all the various body shapes can be mixed and matched to create an endless combination of fresh and unique shapes. Second, this technology allows developers to create and support new figure shapes more quickly and efficiently, resulting in a larger supply of add-on content for end-users.

3D World - CG Awards 2011 Winner
Award Winning Technology

Software Innovation of the Year 2011

DAZ Studio 4 Genesis™ Figure Platform wins the 3D World CG Technology Award. The Genesis Figure was voted Software Innovation of the Year for breaking new ground and providing a clear benefit for artists in the creation or implementation of CG assets.

How Genesis Works Video
See How Genesis Works

Genesis is not a single CG character, rather it is the raw material from which any imaginable humanoid figure can be made. The Genesis series allows for a large variety of different body shapes and styles to be created which can all be blended together into even more combinations of unique characters. Thanks to the underlying technology provided in DAZ 3D's software tools, any clothing, hair, and accessories that are created for Genesis can automatically be shared with any other Genesis character or combination of Genesis characters.

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Popular figures built on Genesis
Genesis is included FREE
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Ready to add Genesis to your projects and start creating your own custom CG characters? All you have to do is download and install DAZ Studio, our popular 3D character design tool. DAZ Studio is a feature rich 3D figure customization, posing, and animation tool that enables anyone to create stunning digital illustrations and animations. DAZ Studio is the perfect tool to design unique digital art and animations using virtual people (like Victoria 5), animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments and more. Simply select your subject and/or setting, arrange accessories, setup lighting, and begin creating beautiful artwork.


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