Hexagon on main store page.....?



  • DAZ_Steve said:

    One of the big questions seems to be around what the plans are (and if there are any updates to) Hexagon.  So let me chime in and answer that:

    We currently have a new version of Hexagon in private beta, and expect it to be public beta (including DIM installers) within a couple of weeks.  This new version has minor cosmetic updates and a lot of stability improvements.

    We also have updates planned for Q1 2018 including (but not limited to) 64 bit support.  

    We also have more ideas for 2018 (and the future) and plan for Hexagon to be a key and growing component of our free oferring to customers.

    I know that I am late to the game, but I wanted to add my 2 cents as I spend time going over old posts. THANK YOU DAZ !!!!!!! I appreciate you guys reviving Hexagon. It has been a crucial piece in my work flow. I have Carrarra, 3D Coat, and ZBrushCore 2018, but Hexagon has its deserved place among them in my process. I have mentioned in these forums before how much I would love for you guys to do this, and here you are, reviving what I feel is an exceptional tool! THANK YOU DAZ!!

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