Let's see your dForce renders/experiments/interesting results!



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    ArielRGH said:

    Does an annoying result count as interesting? The sleeve of the Madonna that is supporting the child's head insists on floating straight out away from the forearm, Madonna's torso, and the baby, parallel to the ground rather than draping perpendicular to the ground & I don't know why. The other sleeve drapes as expected. 

    I'm hoping one of you will know why. I thought of using the dFormer on that sleeve but I have avoided the dFormer to this point in time so I will wait to use it on something dForce can't do.


    Sorry for reliving this topic, but I wish to do a madonna at some point and this is a wonderful starting point. @nonesuch00, I absolutely need to know, what is the outfit you dressed the madonna with, and what baby did you use. Thank you in advance!

    Sorry, I don't subscribe to the threads as notification is too inconsistant.

    That robe came from a project by a 3rd party programmer called Artful Physics Tailor. I and others donated much money to that software author (his tool is authored in Unity) but he has not posted an update since Jan 2018. I and others think he has abandoned his project, sometimes life gets in the way, although one donor claims to have spoken with the author's son and says the son say the author is still working on the project. He probably is but I and most others have stopped donating to the project. When he's done he can sell it I guess.

    You could do a similar robe though by using DAZ Studio's dynamic cloth and buy the dynamic angel robe for V4. Also, sickle yield's Roman Clothing for G8F has a couple of similar items. 

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