Learning Carrara 8....



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    Yeah, but it's gonna look sooo cool!!!!
    Nice render, man!

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    What I was going to do was take one of Howie's products - Stoney Creek in this case and set up all of the default scenes that come with it. The screen shot shown is everything at default values. I believed I may have changed the "Light through Trans" at the top (going by a video I saw) and maybe the "Global Illumination" setting - either sky light or indirect light. I'm thinking I did indirect light.

    Other than that I'm wanting to render either 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1080 (laptop screen settings for wallpaper).

    This will likely take the rest of April and perhaps most of may to complete the first render. Just sayin' :smirk:

    Kewl! April is a busy month for me so it'll give my computer something to do!! LOL. Well, April is a busy month but I don't think it needs to be doing that. I'lll make some "readjustments" and try again. I have to work tomorrow so maybe get it to run in the background.

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