Free Book - load your own covers, etc - turn the pages

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See here.

Book will appear in  Props \ Diomede folder

Old Info

Coming soon but need some file structure confirmation.

I modeled a book with covers and pages that can be turned.  I rigged a version in Studio and saved as a DUF file.  However, I have never shared a DUF file and I am not sure which files need to be included.  I've never tried to create and share something in the data file structure instead of the runtime file structure.  If I just ZIP a folder that contains the content \ data and content \ Props folders, is that sufficient?  The book's DUF file is in a subfolder of the content \ Props folder.  Or, do I need to include my working files?


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    You'll need:

    data/diomede/book(whatever you called it) and everything in there

    props/book(whatever it is, the prop and any material files in there)

    runtime/textures/diomede/book(all the textures it uses)

    (I don't know what you called it or what you put in for the vender name when you saved it, or any of that.. but you get the idea.)

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    OK - thanks - Here is a free poseable book.

    It is in the Daz Studio file structure.  I hope that you can simply copy the "content" folder to your own content folder.  It should create a Diomede folder in your Studio props library.  The book will be there.  The file is large because of all of the textures needed for the covers, pages, etc.  The uvmaps for the covers are square.  Just load your own image for the cover and for the pages.  If your own cover is not square, load it anyway then adjust the scale of the book to match your image.  For example, if your cover's height is longer than width, then just adjust the book's scale in the height direction.  The uvmap template for the spine is included in the materials folder. 

    NOTE - the book rigging has an inconvenient flaw.  The base bone is anchored at zero, zero, zero.  Not sure why and I can fix in an update, but thought people might like the book figure anyway.

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    thanks very much!

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    Thank you so much!!

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    Hope you enjoy it, nonesuch00 and Saphirewild.  Appreciate any feedback.  Is it easy/hard to use, easy/hard to install, etc.?  Did you figure out how to use your own covers and page images?  I have a couple more freebies in the works so constructive feedback could improve future stuff.

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    I am working on a project right now with the book so I will let you know if I have any issues or questions.

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    Thanks, Diomede! I've actually needed a book for a while. 

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    I should have included a readme with basic instructions.


    Hopefully, if you copy the content file to one of your libraries of daz content, it will create a folder in the Props\Diomede\BookAnimate directory.


    A default load will place the book mesh in the center of the scene window.


    Each cover and page is a full square uvmap.  To load your own cover, choose CoverFR1 in the surfaces tab, and browse to your image.


    Your cover won't be square most of the time so it will look distorted.  No problem, just scale the book in the y-direction to match your image ratio.

    To open the book and bend the pages, treat the covers and pages as limbs.  For hard cover books, rotate only the 1st limb of CoverFR1.  For paperbacks and magazines, rotate each subpart of the page a little bit.


    Load different images for the front and back of each page. For people who do animations, you will be able to see a different image on the front and back when the page turns.







    yy01 content library props diomede folder.JPG
    972 x 534 - 70K
    yy02 default load.JPG
    922 x 786 - 87K
    yy03 surfaces pane cover surface is CoverFR1.JPG
    1171 x 878 - 148K
    yy04 scale in the Y direction to match ratio of image.JPG
    1464 x 868 - 167K
    yy05 pages are like limbs rotate CoverFR1 to open cover.JPG
    1515 x 940 - 141K
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  • Hope you don't mind my using your cover as the example in this post, Llynara.  Really like it.  yes  Won't use it in any other way. 

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    No worries at all! I'm totally flattered! Glad you like it. I actually made a mockup of another cover, and the person on the cover is holding the book. It's fun. I'll post when it's done rendering. Seems to be taking forever today, LOL

    EDIT: DAZ crashed and I lost it. UGH. Gotta go re-render. I think it might be time for a computer upgrade.

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    This was fun! I will probably do a few of these. Maybe one with Black Kat holding her book. Thank you so much for this awesome prop! 
    (Click and zoom in for more detail.)

    2249 x 1200 - 497K
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  • Beautiful!

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    Thank you! I'll  make sure to bend the cover a bit next time, now that I know how to do it. This is such a cool and useful prop. Thank you so much for creating and sharing it! 

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    Came across this today.  Thank you Diomede!

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