Growing Up for Genesis 8 (Commercial)



  • rayme, forgive me for asking: have you dropped the"data" folder in your library? Also, is the root of the character selected?

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    It's been over a month and I do not get assistance for this product. 

    Some content creators frequent the forums and help with their products when possible, but it is not required of them. If you don't get an answer here, Submit a help request. Official customer support is handled by Daz.

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    It's been over a month and I do not get assistance for this product. 

    Sorry unfortunately I do not always get notified when there is a post in one of my bookmarked threads. I did not see your post. Please PM me with your exact issue as it is hard to pinpoint the issue unless I have more info. As far as I know there is no issue with the product, so maybe you can explain how you installed it? Thanks.

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    It's been over a month and I do not get assistance for this product. 

    You should probably send a message directly to Zev0. Sometimes the notifications of forum updates fail, so he may not know that you had an issue.

    If you click on the name next to one of his posts, it will bring up a profile page. On that page in the top left there's a blue "Message" button that will allow you to send something directly to him.

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    how were they installed?  Have you tried reinstalling it?

  • Hey Zev0, just purchased and trying to use the Growing Up product but for some reason when I click, double click, and right click --> merge to scene, nothing happens to the figure. I'm assuming it is me. Please help.

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    I have the Growing Up for Genesis 8 G8F/G8M and would like to using the Growing Up to make a girl's and boy's between 5 - 10 years old without effecting the faces and heads. The faces and heads I will do myself using DAZ Originals Head Morphs. I don't want to do all the adjustments to the DAZ Originals Body morphs to made 5 - 10 year old bodies though.

    Can that be done.

  • After buying and installing this product,

    DAZ3D pops up a prompt saying missing Genesis Starter Essential 3 whenever I load Genese 8 female figure?

    This prompt will only appear if Genesis Starter Essential 3 Female is not installed.

    Why does this product need Genesis Starter Essential 3 when it's for G8F?


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