The 2013 Stonemason Catalogue Contest



  • ecoleenaecoleena Posts: 85
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    Stonemason's Streets of Asia and Modular Ruins,
    Daz pro 4.0 and Photoshop
    Victoria 5, Michael 5
    V4 Diving gear 2
    Naoko Fantasy Action Hair
    Easy Environments Eternal Sands
    fishes ans water effects : from a video that i made, in a aquatic zoo

    title: Forbidden Archaeology

    It was like having done an express 3d course !
    And many thanks for this opportunity !


    1500 x 718 - 679K
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  • LucynskyLucynsky Posts: 64
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    My second. I was inspired by a friend telling me that when someone's about to do something spectacularly stupid and join Darwin's Brigade, he'd tell a friend to hold his beer.

    My hearing ain't that great.

    Although I have bunches of the other scenes, and am rendering a giant rainy thing right now, I love that floater bot. There's some technological magic to it.

    Title: Hold My Spear
    Software: Daz and GIMP for postwork
    Stonemason Products: Floater Bot

    800 x 1333 - 1M
  • MiloMilo Posts: 511
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    Title: Platform-A19
    Software: Carrara 8.5 Pro, Postwork in Photoshop Elements
    Stonemason Products Used: The Core, Skyrider, Greeble City Blocks

    I learned so much doing this piece.

    1200 x 600 - 114K
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  • Electro-ElvisElectro-Elvis Posts: 852
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    Title: A Tale Of Two Bridges
    Software used: Bryce 7.1 Pro
    Stonemason Product: Under the bridge

    This is my first entry. Thanks for the contest.

    1300 x 780 - 227K
  • Fire AngelFire Angel Posts: 254
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    Second entry: OK, you've seen The Enchanted Forest, then Return To The Enchanted Forest, now it's:

    Enchanted Forest: Party Time!

    Phew, I think I got it in on time. Man, those Enchanted Forest Faeries know how to throw a party...

    OK Stonemason products used: Enchanted Forest (DUH!) for the backdrop trees and vines, Return To Enchanted Forest for the undergrowth including the small mushrooms.

    Non-Stonemason commercial products used: Victoria 2 Reduced Resolution (all the faeries), Fantasy Instruments, Guitar Pack, Olympians for M2 and V2, Ultimate Woodland Tree Trunk and Ivy, Ultimate Woodland Fairytale Fungus (main ring of mushrooms, very high poly), Radiant Jaguar Hair, Fairy Wings Deluxe.

    Freebies used; Kozaburo's Up-Do hair for V2, Twin Chignon hair for V2, Mermaid Line dress for V2 from ISOP.

    Custom items made for this scene: Cart, bottle, label for the bottle culled from the web then customised, whisky glass with whisky, custom texture for guitar, lanterns carried by faeries, faerie light posts, hanging lights.

    Software: Blender for custom models, Poser 6 for figure set-up, Bryce 7 Prone-to-crashes (sorry couldn't resist), PhotoShop Elements for light bloom.

    1500 x 710 - 733K
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  • sfaa69sfaa69 Posts: 353
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    Second entry.

    Title: "Out of Time"

    Stonemason's "The BackStreets"

    DAZ Studio 4.5

    "Professor Wells' experiment with his temporal portal suffered a serious malfunction."

    1774 x 1015 - 989K
  • FroschGottFroschGott Posts: 0
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    I don't see a deadline timezone. Is it midnight in a certain timezone on the 15th? Also is it one win per person? I went blind after about 25 pages of looking, so sorry if it's been asked or I missed it.

    I'm thinking of trying to get a second in under the wire depending on time zone. I have one mostly together I have in mind but likely won't manage it this late. If I had not broken my toe, I would have never got the other one out. I did not notice this going on until well into it.

    Csamson, no dolphins I promise. Thanks again for the encouragement and "oh wow" is a wonderful critique. :)

    Guess it will be 23:59 DAZ-Time?

  • SzarkSzark Posts: 10,634
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    theSea said:
    Whew. Thought I was not going to finish in time!

    Title: St. George & the Dragon
    Software Used: DAZ Studio 4.5. Postwork in Adobe Photoshop CS4
    Stonemason Products Used: Enchanted Forest 1 & 2, Greek Ruin

    nicely done Michael. ;)
  • dorkatidorkati Posts: 25
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    This is the contest I am always waiting for :) Many of your items I own, but never enough! :)

    Here is my first entry

    The title: Hanami
    Software used: DAZ Studio and PhotoPaint (only for canvas effect)
    Stonemason products used: The Streets of Asia 2

    1000 x 1300 - 538K
  • BnomSandyBnomSandy Posts: 7
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    ~ I do not envy the judges' task . . .

    good luck everyone!

  • xmasrose (aka tulipe)xmasrose (aka tulipe) Posts: 1,403
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    Wow! I love the style!

    Thank you FroschGott. You do beautiful work!

  • LucynskyLucynsky Posts: 64
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    -_Milo_- said:
    Title: Platform-A19
    Software: Carrara 8.5 Pro, Postwork in Photoshop Elements
    Stonemason Products Used: The Core, Skyrider, Greeble City Blocks

    I learned so much doing this piece.

    Oh cool idea! Love it!

  • dorkatidorkati Posts: 25
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    Here is my second entry

    Title: Who is there!
    Software used: DAZ Studio and PhotoPaint (minor postwork)
    Stonemason product used: The Enchanted Forest

    1500 x 1000 - 462K
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    Well... I thought I would give this a try, for once.

    Not only for the vague possibility of perhaps obtaining a treasure-trove of content as a reward... but also, I suppose, just for the experience of returning to the habit of having to produce some sort of results on a project within a given time-frame.

    Of course, I just barely made it... sort of.

    That, despite a myriad of the more common obstacles, such as lack of time, lack of render-processing-power, insufficiently varied types of installed content, and the occasional need to eat, sleep, and... even more occasionally... bathe.

    Naturally, there still remain a whole lot of shortcomings to be addressed ( eventually, maybe ) in this final product... brought about by a number of 10-to-30 hour background and foreground renders, which in turn necessitated the inevitable cutting-of-corners to try and( supposedly ) save time. In the end, some of them didn't... and only resulted in additional reworking.

    So, I had hoped to have two images ( a pair following a common theme ) readied in time for a double entry. The second providing an "explanation" for the first. That is:

    A hobbyist's workshop is seen, well-equipped with wood and metal lathes, a mill, drill-press, and other assorted bench-type power tools ( I had though of using "Faded Industry" for this ) as well as being stocked with assorted hand-tools and shelving. A retired-gentleman is shown to be working on a table-top scale-model of a terrain, complete with miniature castle buildings and ruins. He is carefully reaching his hand down to position a small plastic tree-prop on the model terrain....

    ...... anyway, First Entry, here it is... Part One, at least, such as it is:

    Image Title: "The World-Builder".

    Rendering Application: Poser 7 ( yes... I'm still two generations behind ).

    Stonemason Content used: Winter Kingdom, Ruins and Terrain. The terrain was mirror-copied three times, in a modeler application. Then all four of these sections were rotated and fitted together to provide a "mountainous-region" with a large central "valley". Now things are turning reeaallly slowly in Poser.

    Other DAZ content includes:

    Michael 4; Freak 3; Michael 3/2; Celestial Armor for M4 by Valandar ; Knight Champion for M4 by Valandar; Barbarian Lord for F3 by blondie9999; Viking and Saxon Paks for M2 by Daz, Lourdes Mercado, John Malis; DAZ's Millennium Horse with Astral-Spine-Bender and Dragon Lord Horse Armor by Ravnheart and ToxicAngel; Millennium Dragon 2; Castle Creator by Faveral; Medieval City and Village by Faveral...

    ... yes, that is the old Poser 3 or 4 disembodied hand up there. I suppose I could have gone for something a little more "photo-realistic" but, given the nature of the theme, I didn't really want to. Something a bit cartoonish seemed... to me, anyway... more appropriate.

    ... and I do have a texture pack, to spruce up that Castle Creator a bit... around here... somewhere...

    1280 x 1280 - 1M
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  • omradiocomomradiocom Posts: 66
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    Afternoon in Bed Stuy
    Stonemason Product:
    The Streets Of NYC Townhouse Row
    Daz Studio 4.5
    Uberenvironment 2

    1500 x 750 - 170K
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    Hope I'm not too late with this.
    Second entry:
    "Grandpa's New Pipe"
    Poser Pro 2012 and Photoshop
    Stonemason products used:
    Streets Of The Mediterranean and Village Courtyard
    Good luck to all!

    1066 x 1500 - 1M
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    Wellll...... maybe there's just time for one more entry!

    My Second. This one's entitled:

    "Who the #@$% Turned Off the Heat???"

    Vicky 4 and Orion1167's Lorena outfit. Oh, and Stonemason's "Winter Kingdom", of course! Rendered in Studio... just to show that I do have occasion to use it!

    1000 x 650 - 438K
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  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,879
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    My entry:

    Title: Big City Girl

    Stonemason Product Used: Urban Sprawl II

    Programs Used:
    DAZ Studio 4.5 - Setup and rendering
    Silo 2.2 - a few props and tweaking
    Nikon Capture NX2 w/ Nik Colour Effects Pro 3 - Post work

    1280 x 853 - 873K
  • ecoleenaecoleena Posts: 85
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    Lol. I knew tablets were handy, but now they're being used to find the lost city of Atlantis?

    Does this mean she can upload the pictures to facebook in real-time :)

    Nice piece.

    Thank you !! :lol:

  • LycanthropeXLycanthropeX Posts: 2,287
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    2nd Entry

    Title: Mech Patrol
    Render: Poser Pro 2012
    Post Work: Pantshop Pro X5, HitFilm Ultimate
    Stonemason Products: MECH 2012 Enforcer, City Ruins : Vehicles, City Ruins Building 01, City Ruins Building 02, The Backstreets

    I had something completely different planned for my 2nd image, but i woke up this morning and was inspired to do this.

    1990 x 1150 - 256K
  • MicioDueMicioDue Posts: 0
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    My second entry:

    "Paradise Lost"

    - Carrara 8.1
    - CorelDRAW X5
    - Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5

    - Stonemason's The Core + Space Relic
    - Stonemason's Under The Bridge + Sous Les Ponts
    - MC-MMM Carrara
    - The Heart of Space

    For those who recall the old SF movie Silent Running I included in the render a couple of small (tiny!) details. :P

    Good luck to everybody!

    1500 x 844 - 391K
  • thoreandanthoreandan Posts: 151
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    First (and only) Entry:

    "Secret Admirer"

    Stonemason Product: The Enchanted Forest
    Programs: DAZ Studio 4.5, Reality 2.5, LuxRender 1.2
    Postwork: Photoshop CS4

    This is the first contest I've ever entered. Even though I am awed by some of the submissions in this thread, I figured it would be fun to work towards a deadline and have to produce something close to a finished product for once (instead of constantly moving from one render I'm only 75% happy with to another).

    1140 x 1500 - 446K
  • Geminii23Geminii23 Posts: 1,327
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    I just wanted to say Good Luck to everyone that entered this contest. It was really inspiring to see everyone's work, entries and non-entries alike. Regardless of who wins, I think everyone should be proud that they at least tried. I know I am.


  • Geminii23Geminii23 Posts: 1,327
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    Geminii23 said:
    I just wanted to say Good Luck to everyone that entered this contest. It was really inspiring to see everyone's work, entries and non-entries alike. Regardless of who wins, I think everyone should be proud that they at least tried. I know I am.



    Your work was pretty great too btw :)

    Thanks! Your image "The Age of Stonemason" was definitely one of my favorites. ;-)

  • squirrelysquirrely Posts: 159
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    my (first and only) entry:

    "desperate escape"
    is she going to get away ?

    stonemason items:
    * urban future 4 (foreground),
    * walled city (medium background) and
    * greeble 2 buildings (far back)

    the light cycles are from renderosity
    the bike she is trying to escape on is skylus

    scene put together in daz studio 4.5

    rendered in daz studio and lux renderer via reality export
    composited, light adjustments and brightness, contrast and color correction in photoshop

    1920 x 1080 - 981K
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  • StorypilotStorypilot Posts: 1,660
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    Agreed, good luck to everyone!

    It has been great fun returning to this thread again and again to see all the wonderful work that has been entered. This high level of work and the challenge of trying to do some justice to Stonemason's sets really pushed me, and I made a couple of images I'm proud of, just a great experience.

  • fayriefayrie Posts: 55
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    yes good luck to everyone!!!! it was so nice to see everyone's work posted

  • skavengurskavengur Posts: 4
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    Title: The Bone Tower of Deadwood
    Stonemason Products: Castle Ruins
    Software Used: Poser Pro 2010 & Vue 8 Complete

    First Entry

    Thanks to Stonemason for the great contest and prizes! This is the first image I've done in over a year due to work and family. Wish I had caught on to this contest sooner and had the time for a second image!

    1280 x 960 - 77K
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  •[email protected] Posts: 282
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    Here's my one and only entry. I could have kept going, but time wasn't on my side.

    Meet me at Giuseppe's

    Stonemason products used:
    Streets of the Mediterranean
    Streets of Asia (water)
    Village Courtyard
    Victorian Street props

    Rendered in Daz 4.5 Pro
    Any postwork in Photoshop CS4

    1500 x 1000 - 1M
  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,879
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    Ameesa said:
    I could have kept going, but time wasn't on my side.

    Yeah, i know how you feel.

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