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    I use photoshop. I think the prodcut would be greaft for crowd scenes, movie theaters, and jeering/cheering crowds. I like the ones that come with the crowd scene, however they are a bit tame. I think a mob of angry citizens, or papparazzi, or even a crowd of zombies or aliens would be interesting. Thanks for your suggestions.

    I hope it turns out to be helpful. Let me know if you have any issues with your new crowd renders. I'm looking forward to seeing those.

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    @ladair  I hate for that tutorial from the previous page to get buried at the end of this thread, can you copy/paste it at the beginning of the next thread? I have my Thread 9 already started, we've gone to 101 pages so this thread has to end. Wow, cruised through it in five months!  42,183 views at this time. Thanks for the contributions by other forum members, greatly appreciated!

    Everyone please post on Thread 9. Be sure and remember to subscribe!

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    Ah yes! I remember your posts on that! I'll have to go back and read them again - I've forgotten everything! crying

    This is what the tone mapping settings look like - the white point is a blue colour and the overall colour of the lighting is a very very orange.  What should I be changing the white point to, to get a less 'orange'?

    Novica said:
    jakiblue said:

    I....don't know. What is the white point? 

    It's in Tone Mapping. Remember when I showed how it is the complementary color? So if you want red, you'd do blue, etc.


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    We're discussing that on Thread 9- everyone pop over! This thread can be closed.

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