Easy Environments: Snowy Mountains (Daz Studio & Poser) [Commercial]



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    tl155180 said:
    Spit said:

    Could it possibly be that tiling settings aren't be used by iRay for these?

    It seems it could be... I raised a ticket about it and Topher has mentioned tiling. I thought I'd already tried that, but maybe I didn't do it right. I'll post an answer about it when he(?) points me in the right direction.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Edit: It was indeed a tiling issue. Iray doesn't retain the tiling info for some ground plane textures when you convert, so you have to make a note of what they are and then change them in the geometry section of surfaces after you've applied the Iray uber base. Then its all back to normal.

    Thank God! I've been knocking my head against this particular brick wall for a few months now!

    Great! Happy it's all sorted. And thanks for giving the specific info on fixing it. Now we can all know what to do when we run into it!

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    Hi, I discovered a trick, that will speed up EE workflow in IRay. Opposed to selecting all skybox materials, rotate scene to desired render position, in surface scene > select each material, set opacity to 0, east, west, etc.... till skybox image disappears. Once skybox image disappears, that's the image needed for IRay emissive shader, return back to 100%, apply IRay base, convert image to emissive. I attached, Top of the world image to illustrate. West was only image in skybox scene. Sometimes two image will display in scene. Convert to emissive.

    I set base color to neutral 128, 128, 128. When set to full white, image renders with lot's of fireflies.
    Emission temp set to 4500, any temp above turns image blue. But user can adjust to desired temp. I prefer 4500,.
    Luminance > 180,000
    In tone map > exposure > 14.5
    720x540 rendered in 45 seconds.

    Hope this tip helps others. Cheers.

    720 x 540 - 354K
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    Would that technique work for any skydome? If I can use the ones I have for night and outer space scenes, it'll be amazingly useful.

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    I've used emission maps for various skybox conversions as well as semicurved backdrops. It works great, and I've been surprised at how well it can blend together. Just make sure to set glossy weight to 0.

    Consider: http://willbear.deviantart.com/art/Song-to-the-Moon-534561088

    Most of the stuff after the waterline is a curved backdrop, putting diffuse into emission, and using a dark environment map to sort out any reflection in scene.

    And you get a lot more control than putting the skydome map into Environmental Map render thing.

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  • Flipmode said:

    Previews changed to "Snowy Mountains"
    It`s been a while since the last set, here`s some previews for the next release.
    Easy Environments Series Info:
    Link: Easy Environments info page
    Link: Easy Environments video page

    These look wonderful! And thank you for providing an actual page that explains how to use them. I'm tearing my hair out trying to find something similar for the things I've already bought. If I'd known you had these, I would have bought only your environments - just doing that alone (on top of your gorgeous projects) will make you the first product I buy next!


  • That`s lovely feedback, thanks!


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