No one asked me - Diomede posts screenshots on whatever



  • Bunyip02Bunyip02 Posts: 5,820

    Diomede said:

    Just brushing up on my procedural shader skills as applied to terrains, replicators, trees, etc.

    Simple scene with single terrain (duplicated once as a platform for replicated objects), single tree, and checkbox for realistic sky.  Just trying to use procedural shaders for tree trunk, leaves, terrain grssland, and terrain cliffs.  Also used a procedural shader to make sure trees did not replicate on steep cliff face.  Terrain is created with filters for craters, mesa, and fractal function.

    Nice !!!

  • DesertDudeDesertDude Posts: 1,213

    Diomede said:

    For the walk cycle reference, I did a simple mapping of a reference image to a plane and inserted that in the Carrara scene next to the rigged character.  I slide the reference plane to line up the next image.

    That is incredibly clever!

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