New Video tutorial Prepare And Setup Image Planes In Hexagon (Gimp, Hexagon )

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Prep and setup image planes in Gimp for Hexagon.

1280 x 768 - 299K


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    Thanks a whole bunch!

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    Thanks Johnny,
    Very helpful, did learn a lot I have been having some issues in trying to setup images, however I do have a question.

    How do you set up images when the views are different sizes ?

    For example I have a image of a plane, but the side view is smaller than the top view, I did play around for hours trying to work out how to get the side view the same size as the top.

    how would I do this ?
    thanks in advance

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  • Wee Dangerous JohnWee Dangerous John Posts: 1,478
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    Not sure if Gimp has the ruler option, but it probably has. I use PaintShop Pro, it has a Ruler option which is handy when trying to scale reference images.

    What I normally do is copy all the references to one big image, set the rulers to a prominent features on the first image and scale the others using the ruler points.

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    Sorry I have not been here in a while, I did not receive a notification email that someone had posted in this thread.
    John is correct about scaling the images.
    I will be offline starting this fri. till late next week.
    I will address this then.
    Sorry I can not get to it till then.

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