DAZ Horse 2 Product Preview Thread

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In the store now!

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    In the candy land of magic dreams where happy people live the Toy Ponies bring love and joy and happiness to all they meet. Singing flowers sprout over every trail they pass and the smiling sun always shines to light their way.....and *cough cough*...opps...almost gagged on that. But yeah, these things are cute. You get it.


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  • Canary3dCanary3d Posts: 2,009
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    Did someone say "cute?"

    Introducing Pretty Ponies for the RawArt Toy Pony.

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  • Midnight_storiesMidnight_stories Posts: 4,112
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    Lovable Llama

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  • DzFireDzFire Posts: 1,473
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    Ole' Horse Trailer

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  • KarthKarth Posts: 709
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    Horse ShoePack

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  • MarieahMarieah Posts: 518
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    Riding Habit by SickleYield and I and now owned by Daz. This is an 11-piece set including pants that morph into jodphurs, shirt collar, boots, crop and three different kinds to riding helmet - British, Safety Helmet and Dressage Hat. It comes with lots of classic textures.

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  • MarieahMarieah Posts: 518
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    Jockey Set by SickeYield and I, also now owned by Daz. It comes with five sets of silks with matching jockey cap textures as well as pants, boots, goggles and whip.

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  • Songbird ReMixSongbird ReMix Posts: 289
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    RaceHorseTack to bring you across the finish line...

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  • 3djoji3djoji Posts: 1,075
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    little cab..

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  • SpencerSpencer Posts: 53
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    The big toy for all your Daz Kids and Teens to play pioneer, take part in pageants, re-enactments and parades or just having fun at home.

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  • CWRWCWRW Posts: 87
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    The Pro Pack Horse textures updated for the new Daz Horse.

    Racing Image: Features the Bay and Dapple Grey horse textures, with the fabulous Jockey Set by SickeYield and Marieah, and superb Racehorse Tack by Ken Gilliland.
    Cowhorse- The Palomino horse in his updated Western Tack by WillDupre, using the "Wild West" textures by me.

    More to come of the other horse coats/colors!

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  • DAZ_KevinDAZ_Kevin Posts: 2,420
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    So cool.

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  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 17,581
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  • WendyLuvsCatzWendyLuvsCatz Posts: 37,957
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    oops better pick my jaw up!

  • jade monkeyjade monkey Posts: 111
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    those look just awesome! :ohh:

  • araneldonaraneldon Posts: 712
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    So... I guess this is better than the millennium horse? I have the bundle but to be honest I don't think I've ever even installed it :P

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 17,581
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    One thing that was an issue with the previous horse was the mane. It always looked a bit fake. I really like how free-flowing the mane looks in these shots. No more horse 'helmet head'!

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 98,315
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    Well, RawArt did say his next set was truly terrifying.

  • JennKJennK Posts: 834
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    Looking forward to this one.... So when can we look for it in the store??

  • bighbigh Posts: 8,147
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    hope they are free bs for xmas - cause I isn't buying any

  • VilianVilian Posts: 282
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    Well, RawArt did say his next set was truly terrifying.

    Like Whimsyshire in Diablo3 :D

  • larsmidnattlarsmidnatt Posts: 4,511
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    nice to have sneak preview. can it use the old horse stuff? Like battle armor?

  • WhiteMystWhiteMyst Posts: 212
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    Beautiful horse! The toy ponies gave me cutness overload, must have *grabby hands gesture*. I have a feeling I will have to save for a long time to purchase all this goodness, oh well something to look forward to. :)

  • ledheadledhead Posts: 1,586
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    Holy Crap!

  • Serene NightSerene Night Posts: 17,581
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    Oh, my wallet is rebelling. Especially since I bought Mil horse only a few months ago. But oh wells... Gotta have the new horse.

    I am curious about the saddle. One thing I hated was the saddle and bridle, and making hand and poses and fitting stirrups to feet. Hopefully some poses will come out for the horse so I don't have to suffer doing all that fitting!

  • kloolessklooless Posts: 115
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    Oh my goodness, those toy ponies are just too cute. Going to have to get those as my daughters and granddaughters are going to love them!

  • atticanneatticanne Posts: 3,009
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    I looked into my crystal ball and I see a lot of horsing around in the future.

  • Proxima ShiningProxima Shining Posts: 969
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    They all look great, pity I am broke right now... :-/

  • GhostpantherGhostpanther Posts: 139
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    Will that be a Genesis Horse ;-) :coolsmile: ?!

    The Toy horses I could imagine for a gift for my little niece :lol: - maybe playing with the "real" horses on the green :-) - but anyway, I know that I can't afford it now. I have to wait until christmas !!

  • islandgurl31islandgurl31 Posts: 250
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    Oh My This looks so awesome :-). Gonna have to save up for the new horsey's and llama's..lol. Ok so I was oh'ing and ahhhh'ing over the toy ponies and my 6 year old daughter came to look at what I was squealing over :-).

    Her Response: I WANT That!!

    My Response: Honey they are 3D models...lol

    Her Response: Well, I'll just get daddy to get them for me cause they are cute and I want to have them :-)

    I can't wait for them to come out cause I just love me some animals!!

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