Animators Club for Carrara wip thread . First animation, Week 1 . The Final Gesture.



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    ...and it all came together beautifully! Bravo Animation/Modeling Team! Bravo!

  • wgdjohnwgdjohn Posts: 2,634

    Did I miss something?  Credits are not on my version.

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    Hey wgdjohn,

     I posted the final version with credits in another thread I started here at daz, if this is the version that is missing credits for you something wierd is going onfrown..  The link to the new thread is below

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    Mike,  Thanks...  Credits are there... all is well in paradise. :)  When I saw the end credits imagine my surprise, I'm mentioned. I was honored to have my simple object used as one of the main props... didn't consider that I'd be in credits also. Cool.

    Might I suggest that you link to new projects in this last one... as well as the final for the present? ... do I make sense?  I forget to visit the main Carrara Discussion often enough.

    I'm trying to think of an idea for Week 2,  Animation Club for Carrara , Week#2. Looking for Story Ideas now. Do you have an idea?  I'll post what I'm thinking over there... so far only an idea... not a nice storyline as diomede created for this one.

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