how do I add background images

using 4.9 and according to docs I just go to file and background...but there is no background option under files, or anywhere else I can see




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    Check for the Winndow Pane "Environment". It has a background image option.

    Window > Panes (Tabs) > Environment

    I can't make a screenshot now as I'm nor at my PC.


    EDIT: Lifted from barbuit's post from this thread:

    Lifted from this thread:

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    This is how I do it:

    Part I:

    I use Environment and backdrops so often that I have it just below my Content Library Tab.

    Here we have a character with no background.  It is important that your  backdrop and your Aspect Frame are of similar ratio, because the frame will squeeze your picture into that ratio. 

    1. Click the down arrow next to Type and click on Backdrop.

    2. Click the arrow box in Background.

    3. Click Browse.

    4. Choose your background file and click Open.

    Character No Background.jpg
    600 x 750 - 102K
    Back 01.jpg
    464 x 433 - 14K
    Back 02.jpg
    464 x 249 - 28K
    Back 03.jpg
    376 x 160 - 28K
    Back 04.jpg
    463 x 141 - 24K
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    Part II:

    5. This is what I mean about the picture conforming to the Aspect Frame.  Since it is not 360 degrees, it will always appear the same no matter how you rotate your view. 

    Rendered with the background.

    I like to use this with free pictures from Pixabay and others, or with my own backgrounds I created in Photoshop.

    back 05.jpg
    809 x 820 - 140K
    Character With Background.jpg
    600 x 750 - 195K
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  • l_stowel_stowe Posts: 165

    I was going to say, add a plane and then add the background image to that. But maybe the other way is better. In the past I've added two planes, two textures to build up walls of a room

  • AJ2112AJ2112 Posts: 1,416

    I like adding backgrounds to planes, for versatility.  I can move the background with the prop yes

  • dracorndracorn Posts: 2,333

    I have also tried planes as well, but abandoned them because when the plane is too close to your subject, it casts a shadow onto the plane.  Looks kinda weird when there's a shadow on your forest or city.

  • OstadanOstadan Posts: 1,123

    You could make the plane a light emitter, not to illuminate anything else, but to kill shadow.

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