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The Genesis 8 figure platforms is more than just a figure or a character. It is a true character engine that allows you to choose characters that appeal to you, modify and enhance them to meet your needs, or even mix and blend them with other characters to create your own, unique vision. All of this while providing a huge library of content that will adjust to fit your characters and a global network of thousands of top artists constantly creating even more.

With Genesis 8 the platform takes is biggest steps forward, while also embracing the power of its past like never before. By including clones for Genesis, Genesis 2, and Genesis 3, The Genesis 8 figures are backward compatible to be able to use a massive amount of content and provide you with the most selection possible.

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Victoria 4

Victoria & Michael 4 revolutionized 3D figures. High polycount, high-res modern UV maps, and the ability to apply infinite morphs to a figure for the first time ever.

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With morph projection, clothing could finally conform to the figure's body morphs. Genesis' androgynous base also added the unique ability to share clothing between genders.

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Genesis 2 & 3

Our revolutionary Genesis Architecture with a host of advancements: better control, articulation and movement. Gender-specific sculpting and HD Morphing.

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Genesis 8

Extreme versatility due to its ability to wear content from previous genesis versions. Incredible realism achieved through automatically flexing muscles and a full expression interface.

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What's new with Daz Studio:


Our animation capabilities have been completely reworked which, combined with our faster render times makes any enthusiast look like a pro.

Included in Daz Studio are updated versions of the Keymate and Graphmate tools, rolled into a whole new consolidated timeline. Now you have granular control between keyframes, can visualize and edit transitions easier and use exceptionally improved IK nodes for posing and animation.

All for free.

Face Transfer:

Create an authentic 3D version of yourself or others with accurate skin tone and shading by simply uploading a photograph in Daz Studio.

Instead of just transferring a cut-out of your face onto a figure, our Face Transfer System will create your face shape, bone structure, texture and skin tone in 3D. Allowing you to create realistic versions of whoever you wish. Immerse yourself in medieval times or fight deep-sea creatures with the most natural version of anyone, including yourself.

Get three renders for free without the watermark. Buy the unlimited version to get more without a watermark.

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Requires 64-Bit Windows.

performance upgrade:

Cut your render times in half!

Performance is key when creating magnificent renders. Along with the 4.12 release comes a complete performance upgrade for your rendering needs. Enjoy a 10-15% speed increase across the board, decreasing your time to create by hours. And with the latest NVIDIA RTX GPUs you’ll have up to 10x speed up over CPU-only rendering. The more complex your scene is, the more improvements you’ll see- up to 65% reduced render time.

With Daz Studio 4.12 and NVIDIA RTX Studio products, you’ll finally be able to develop immersive scenes at the speed of your imagination.

how to update daz studio 4.12:

1. Open Daz Install Manager (DIM)

2. Locate "Daz Studio 4.12" under product updates and click download.

how to use Face Transfer: (on Windows 64-bit)

1. Launch Daz Studio 4.12

2. Click the "Window" menu in the main menu bar of Daz Studio. Hover your cursor over the "Panes (Tabs)" submenu, then click "Face Transfer." "Window > Panes (Tabs) > Face Transfer"

3. Follow the instructions on the Face Transfer guide page.