Shape Magic Models in Use

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A couple of weeks ago I posted about Shape Magic in General Freepozitory ( Shape Magic is a model generator I first released in 2001 and use to sell, but it’s been free since 2009. You can download it from my site at

Shape Magic models work well in Bryce, the main program I used at the time. Most of my site's examples, freebies, and tutorials were tested and rendered in Bryce. A few were tested in Poser, Vue and Daz Studio, but as each program has its own idiosyncrasies, I didn't do much with them. In recent years I've focused primarily on Daz Studio. I've also built up a decent collection of shaders. So a few weeks ago I decided to relook at Shape Magic and pleased to find I now know enough to easily use Shape Magic with Daz Studio.

I created this thread in Art Studio so I can keep the one in Freepozitory focused on new freebies. In this thread, I'll post renders of Shape Magic models in use. I'm going to try and follow the approach Novica's uses in her product reviews and list the products used in the renders, especially the shaders. I also invite anyone else who makes a render using Shape Magic models to post their results here as well.


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