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Here we post entries only.
You must have posted your pull and your entry in the RRRR - Not on the screen contest thread for your entry to qualify.

You post the entry with a tag, name and a short story if you want, maximum of seven lines.


Tag: DAZ_Spooky #1
Rocky XIII
Fat and weak, what a disgrace, the old champ got too lazy. Now he's just taking up space.



  • barbultbarbult Posts: 16,228
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    Tag: barbult #1
    Title: Citizen Kane 2 - The Widow Speaks
    Tommy, drop that thing and call 911! I think our drone scared Mrs. Kane to death. The last thing she said was “Pansy”. What could that mean?

    2000 x 1600 - 1M
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  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    tag: zawarkal #01

    |:| Tongue Wars |:|

    in a galaxy not too remotely removed,
    during a time, not of then, but only of now

    tongue sabers, striking from a hidden base within,
    turn the tide against all wouldst be smart mouths

    may the tongue be with you

    2000 x 2000 - 481K
  • cecilia.robinsoncecilia.robinson Posts: 2,208
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    Tag: cecilia.robinson #1
    Diana Jones: The Point of No Return

    In the steaming jungles of Congo, a scientific revolution awaits a brave soul to uncover it. Such time has come as a promising primatologist from a long line of unconventional scientists with flexible ethics, Diana Jones, arrives in the war-torn country. After months of research, she discovers a new species, Pan tooniscus, and begins studying it. But with war raging, her growing relationship with the group's leader, Darwin, and descendants of her greatgrandfather's enemies out for vengeance, in a tear-jerking innuendo, Diana approaches the point of no return...

    1066 x 1374 - 3M
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  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 11,945
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    Tag: Diomede: #1
    Title: Charlie's 8: Barefoot Fatale

    Only one Angel had a gun, but they could still get freaky, Joe Freaky that is.

    1480 x 1973 - 174K
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    Tag: Totte #1
    Cannonball Run VII - To Mordor and back
    In love, war and gambling, all means are allowed. The wizard shouts: -“Thou shalt not pass!”, and suddenly the princess of two wheels found herself just yards from the third checkpoint loosing valuable time.

    1600 x 900 - 231K
  • KaribouKaribou Posts: 1,311
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    TAG: karibousboutique #1
    Title: Game of Baywatch - Summer is Coming

    2000 x 1282 - 636K
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  • SasjeSasje Posts: 833
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    Tag: Sasje#01

    Escape from the nightmare

    Where am I, what is this who is she, where is she point at ?........
    Is this a nightmare?..........it looks familiar ………..no …. Does the town attack me now in my dreams?
    I need to wake up, escape from this nightmare…… need to wake up

    (Silent Hill)

    1067 x 800 - 144K
  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,859
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    Witchfinder Terminal

    He was sent back from the future to terminate all witches ... because torture and burning is just, like, soooo medieval.

    "Hasta la vista, witchy!"

    1024 x 896 - 476K
  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: obanion#01

    Hollywood Reboots The 'Thin Man' Movies -- As Porn??
    When Nick and Nora Charles (and Asta) aren't solving crimes..., they're committing them.
    (I blame Howard Stern for a lot of this!)

    1000 x 750 - 1M
  • TotteTotte Posts: 11,847
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    Tag: Totte #2
    Michael Palin - Around the World in 80 Days - Year 2020 Remake
    In this episode we will visit the museums showing what once was the homes and the luxury lives lived by some of the worlds most hated dictators.

    1600 x 900 - 379K
  • SasjeSasje Posts: 833
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    Tag: Sasje#02

    The monster and the beauty

    1067 x 800 - 246K
  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    zawarkal #02
    |:| Me, Myself and The Unknowable One |:|

    Me, Myself & Irene meets The Butterfly Effect
    Schizophrenia meets Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

    It all takes place within the Land of Mind. We are all one. We all have the light and dark within. Remain in the Light with UTO or greet Death at the End of the Road.

    2000 x 1800 - 599K
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  • OstadanOstadan Posts: 1,074
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    Ostadan #01
    Twelfth Knight: The Musical

    1067 x 1067 - 2M
  • barbultbarbult Posts: 16,228
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    Tag: barbult #2
    I Dream of a Fairy Harem
    Major Tony Nelson returns to space in this I Dream of Jeannie sequel. Stay tuned to see how he handles this handful!

    2000 x 1600 - 1M
  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    tag: zawarkal #03
    |:| Karma Chameleon |:|

    Curious George Plays Make Believe. In this timeless tale redone, King Kong meets Curious Boy George.

    In this scene we find King Kong singing his heart out to his new found lovely. But, to his surprise, no one is enjoying his singing. Whether it be the song or his voice, events take on a life of their own when he starts getting bombarded by the bubblegum flyer.

    Who will you be today?

    1800 x 2000 - 552K
  • TotteTotte Posts: 11,847
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    Tag: Totte #3
    Firefly season II
    -Now you get my cheating husband with a crazy Ivan or I get you!
    - I'm a leaf on wind!

    1818 x 1520 - 457K
  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,406
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    Tag: luci45#1
    Honey, I Think the Kids Shrank Us

    1800 x 1385 - 619K
  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,406
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    Every Which Way You Shouldn't - Twilight of the Planet of the Apes
    When Philo learns that Clyde has taken part in the ape rebellion against humans he spends many years searching for him. At last he finds him dressed as a clown, entertaining the ape leaders in an abandoned Shriners Temple in Gothem. Philo, angered at the indignity, storms in and declares that he will win Clyde back in a fistfight with a gorilla. Clyde, taser in hand, finds that he is happy to see his old friend/owner but has divided loyalties.

    1800 x 1200 - 734K
  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,406
    edited February 2015

    Malificent Visits Narnia
    At the behest of her beloved Aurora, Malificent becomes a good will ambassador to kingdoms with problematical rulers. In this scene Malificent presents the self-proclaimed queen of Narnia, the White Witch Jadis, with a lovely greenhouse with many rare and delicate blooms, hoping to persuade her to lift the winter spell she had cast.

    1800 x 1080 - 477K
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  • MelanieLMelanieL Posts: 5,859
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    Vikings - Season 65 - The Bus Pass Saga

    Bjorn Ragnarsson and his followers were getting a little long in the tooth to be roving the high seas, but they still had their wanderlust and their urge to raid and pillage.
    Luckily they qualified now for free bus travel, so could satisfy their wanderlust by roving the high roads and their treasure lust by raiding the local stores - today IKEA, tomorrow ... who knows? Skaal!

    1024 x 768 - 586K
  • Ken OBanionKen OBanion Posts: 1,428
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    TAG: obanion#02

    In the spirit of Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome, Flybynight Productions smugly presents....
    Title: Mad Maxine: Seriously Crazy Cat Lady

    1387 x 850 - 2M
  • KaribouKaribou Posts: 1,311
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    TAG: KaribousBoutique #2
    Title: DIE HARD Under The Sea

    After global climate change destroys modern civilization, the denizens of the oceans stage a hostile takeover of New York City. Joannah McClane, descendant of John McClane and officer of the disbanded NYPD, risks life and limb to protect the remains of her city from aquatic invasion. Sit back in your chairs and enjoy the 14th installment of the DIE HARD series!

    1735 x 2000 - 600K
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  • EmsimEmsim Posts: 234
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    Tag: emsim #1
    Title: Stardust 2: Really?
    Tristan and Yvain thought their troubles were over when they defeated the witches and they could start their happily ever after... until the day the huge alien metal box appeared. This time no one wanted what had fallen from the sky so the couple teamed up with their old friend, Captain Shakespeare, to deal with this new problem. Now if only they could get the cannon to work.

    2000 x 1500 - 441K
  • TotteTotte Posts: 11,847
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    Tag: Totte #4
    He-Men - Masters of the Universe and the Highschool Witch
    In this epic episode He-Man and the He-Men is challenged by the most vicious enemy in the whole universe, a highschool girl with pms and her evil stepmother.

    1600 x 900 - 355K
  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 11,945
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    Tag: Diomede #2
    Title: Get Smart Reboot: Agent 99 is out of CONTROL

    After Max retired, and CHAOS went bankrupt, elite agent 99 turned vigilante.

    1640 x 1230 - 74K
  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,406
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    Tag: luci45 #4
    The Sopranos Legacy - Da Price Is Always Right!
    You need it, we got it! And da price is always right! AJ makes Tony (wherever he might be) proud with his moneymaking hit TV show, produced by Aunt Janice and Uncle Paulie Walnuts.

    1800 x 1350 - 558K
  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,406
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    Tag: luci45 #5
    Sauron - the Early Years Part 17
    The LOTR saga continues, and continues, and continues
    Coming to theaters near you - Christmas 2033

    2000 x 1236 - 473K
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  • zawarkalzawarkal Posts: 1,018
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    tag: zawarkal #04
    |:| It's ALL Relative |:|

    It's ALL Relative. How will you FILL your day?

    --'What The Bleep' in 'Wonderland'--
    quantum randomness - dice; spooky action at a distance - the background; dark matter - the fiends in force fields; quarks - jack toys in force field texture shader; relativity - differing sizes of image elements; entanglement - all quarks in same rotation; multiple realities - two checked ground islands; altered states- birds rise up dress to come out transformed into raven & 3 eyed mouse

    2000 x 2000 - 698K
  • TotteTotte Posts: 11,847
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    Tag: Totte#5

    Mythbuster’s Extreme Home Makeover - Dynamite, Houses and happy endings
    First you blow’em them up, then you build a new house. The family is presented with a 3D holographic view of the new house.

    1600 x 900 - 387K
  • DiomedeDiomede Posts: 11,945
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    Tag: Diomede #3
    Title: Halloween 77: Michael vs the Witches

    In the 77th installment of the classic Halloween franchise, Michael Myers takes a road trip to Eastwick.

    1500 x 857 - 161K
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